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Your Erb’s Palsy Child May Qualify For SSI


Are Brachial Plexus Injuries Like Erb’s Palsy Considered Disabilities?

If your child was born with a brachial plexus birth injury (BPBI), such as Erbs palsy, Klumpke’s palsy, or global palsy, they might be eligible for SSI, which is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSI provides low-income blind or disabled people with monthly stipends. 

If a child receives SSI, they are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) until they turn 18, or they can stay on SSI if they are already deemed low-income and disabled.

The Social Security Administration is in charge of both SSI and SSDI. SSI, on the other hand, is funded by general funds rather than Social Security funds. SSDI is funded by the Social Security Administration.

Social Protection Opportunities for Disabled Children

Social Security insurance, also known as retirement benefits, is only available to those aged 62 and over. However, SSI and SSDI are not the same. There are three ways to get SSI or SSDI benefits:

SSI is open to disabled children (under the age of 18) from low-income families before they reach 18. They may be eligible for adult SSI benefits until they turn 18. SSI-eligible children are also suitable for Medicaid.

Children under the age of 18 (19 if enrolled full-time) whose families earn too much to qualify for SSI may be eligible to receive benefits depending on a parent’s Social Security record or status.

If a parent is earning Social Security disability income (SSDI) or retirement payments, or if a parent received enough Social Security credits to qualify before death, the child will be eligible for benefits regardless of disability status.

If one parent is earning SSDI or Social Security retirement payments, or if they had a parent who received enough Social Security credits to qualify before passing, disabled adults between the ages of 18 and 22 will receive disability income.

Eligibility For SSDI With Erb’s Palsy

BPBI may be considered a disability within SSI/SSDI laws if it is serious enough. While BPBI typically impacts only one upper limb and thus may not be serious enough to apply, BPBI in combination with certain other disorders, or BPBI affecting both upper limbs, may:

Motor impairment attributable to any neurological condition can refer to BPBI like Erb’s palsy that affects both sides of the body. Two limbs must be impaired by dysfunction.

Another possible qualifying disability is soft tissue trauma of the upper or lower extremity. Other forms of impairments can also help you make your case.

It is important to provide complete medical evidence of the impairment. Medical observations and diagnoses, as well as documents showing the child’s development and degree of functioning, are needed. 

For a child younger than age three, documentation of their progress of typical developmental milestones is particularly necessary.

Qualifying for and receiving benefits for your child can be a time-consuming and daunting procedure involving complex governmental regulations. When it comes to disability issues, it is always a good idea to seek legal advice.

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