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Why the Need for Search Engine Optimization?

With all those professional looking easy to install website graphics available why is there the need for search engine optimization? Doesn’t the appearance of a website alone make that site more attractive to search engines? In a word, NO.

SEO makes sites more compliant with the rules and policies that govern the internet search engines. The appearance of your site matters very little when people are searching the internet for certain topics or information. You see, if your site does not contain content related to what is being promoted the search engines will not show your site in the search ranking results.

The use of SEO tools is an absolute must if you expect to attract search engine traffic. This type of traffic can be quite considerable in volume over time. When people use search engines they enter in keywords to tell the search engines the type of results they would like to see. If a site does not contain content that’s consistent with its title, keywords, or description, search engines will rate the site poorly. A weak rating will get poor exposure in any search results. Poor exposure means little traffic.

The better a site is optimized the higher it will be rated. Obviously this should equate out to more traffic to your site.

Just how exactly do you optimize a website for the search engines?
Well there are many ways to enhance your site in the ‘eyes’ of the search engines.
Let’s quickly review some fundamental optimization techniques that should get you results.


The proper use of keywords within the content of your site is a must with search engines. Determine those popular words and phrases that can be used to describe what your site is all about and use them conservatively throughout the content. Do not overuse these words or phrases since search engines will recognize this as a flagrant attempt to attract traffic and rank your site poorly. Your content should flow in a natural conversational manner and this would be difficult with the obvious overuse of certain words or phrases.

Site Description

Be sure your description uses a key phrase or word within it. Also insure your description accurately conveys the site content.

Site Title

Again as with the description be sure if possible to use a key phrase or word in the title to reinforce the correlation between the content and the title itself.

Associate with similar sites

By associating with sites that have similar content or themes such as yours you can participate in links exchanges and page transfers. Search engines love the inbound and outbound traffic affiliated with various websites sharing info, references, and of course visitors. This further validates a site resulting in a higher search ranking.

Realizing now the need for search engine optimization, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the simple but required action to maximize your online results. Here’s to your online success!

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