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Why in Australia the Second Hand Phone Market is Growing

Why in Australia the Second Hand Phone Market is Growing

o-TALKING-CELL-PHONE-facebookUsed or new? This is the question many ask when buying a car. As cars have been around for over a century, there are many used car yards to buy a quality second hand vehicle. In Australia, phones have been growing in popularity but have only become a part of popular culture since the release of the iPhone 3 and subsequent models. As there are now more phones than ever before, the same is true for phone store.

As newer models have shown signs that the technology has matured, people are now buying second hand phones in droves. New phones can cost over a thousand dollars and not everyone can afford the luxury of spending that kind of money to purchase a mobile device. Today, there are many different models of phones and there are vendors selling them in various conditions. There are many reasons why second hand phone sales are growing in Australia. The most popular seem to be:

Maturity of mobile phone technology

Since the Apple iPhone 5S, there has been little innovation seen in the newer models. Without any new significant improvements, many Australians are choosing to purchase second hand models to save money. The recent iPhone 7 has been criticized for getting rid of the audio jack and many commentators seem to think it was a poorly thought out change.

Cost savings

The main benefit of buying a second hand phone is the cost savings. People buy used phones for the same reason people buy used cars which is to save money. If a brand new iPhone sells for $1300, expect it to be at least 20-30% off used. These kind of savings are making many choose to buy second hand.

The device is for a child

It makes sense to buy second hand when you are providing a mobile phone or tablet to a child. Many parents help their children purchase their first car which is traditionally a second hand vehicle. Why spend a fortune on an iPad that your child might end up breaking? You can spend extra on some tough cases or you can do the same buying a used iPad.

Where can you buy a second hand phone?

Buying a cheap iPhone in Australia used to be very difficult as there were no second hand mobile phone yards like in the automobile industry. This made it difficult to find and buy second hand phones from a reliable business. The best way to buy second hand phones is to visit websites such as Akoda, eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook market groups.

Where can you sell your second hand phone?

The lack of mobile phone yards also means it is difficult to sell your used phone for cash in Australia. There are websites such as Greener Mobile, eBay, Gumtree and Facebook market groups and this list is growing.

The second hand phone market is growing and as the Australian economy slows down, more and more Australians will buy second hand phones whilst selling their old one. Buying a second hand phone will eventually become as common as buying a used car.

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