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Why Creative Jobs Will Be The Only Jobs In Future

Traditionally every job has always had its’ technical side and its’ creative side. It’s just that those working the jobs have had to keep shifting gears or their hats from technical to creative as they go through their typical day. Still, there has always been a clear distinction between the two departments. That is why you will still hear people say; we will get our technical people working on it right away.

Trends however suggest that technology is increasingly blurring the lines of distinction between the two types of jobs even as more and more technical jobs are being ditched. The sum result is that in recent years we have seen the percentage of creative jobs and people in any business dramatically shooting up even as technical jobs rapidly dwindle.

It is more than a little obvious that information technology and the World Wide Web have been the biggest cause for this. Why would you need so many technical people around you when you can always google to solve any pressing technical issues on your own? Why do you need so many engineers when a single one seated next to a computer will do?

These developments coupled with increased fierce competition between businesses for survival has meant that creative jobs are in extremely high demand even in the technical department, more so because what now makes the difference between one business surviving and another going bust is how creative the people are.

Admittedly creative jobs have always been extremely important in organizations but now they are fast becoming the only jobs available while in most cases the technical department has shrunk into a handful of people most of them tasked with maintaining the computers and software that now does all the technical work much more efficiently.

What all this means is that whatever technical job you are currently working you really must place a lot more emphasis on developing your creative skills because whether you like it or not the creative demands will only continue to rise steeply. And if you are already in a creative job then you need to know that competition is higher than it has ever been and you must get more creative by the day to survive.

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