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Which Advanced Health Degrees Are Right for You?

Which Advanced Health Degrees Are Right for You?

You may be considering getting a Master of Health Science, Master of Public Health or a Master of Science in Health Informatics, but aren’t sure which is the best option. A Master of Health Science is available in most medical departments and involves detailed study and research in an area of public health. An MHS degree prepares students for research and gives a solid grounding for advanced graduate work. A Master of Public Health is a multidisciplinary professional degree for studies relevant to public health practice rather than simply research. A Master of Science in Health Informatics integrates technology and medicine.

Master of Public Health and Master of Health Science

Masters of Public Health is a professional degree that focuses on research and instruction with a view towards a field of practice. Students are required to organize, interpret and relay knowledge clearly. In many cases, those pursuing this degree are already physicians, but there are those who earn the degree without a prior medical degree. Some pursue the MPH as a prerequisite for a doctorate in the field to advance public practice and translate scientific knowledge into improved public health. Those who pursue a Master of Public Health study a variety of disciplines such as biostatistics, health administration, social sciences, environmental health and epidemiology.

Schools such as Adelphi offer Master of Public Health.

A Master of Health Science is similar to a Master in Public Health depending on department and the discipline. MHS programs often focus on work at a research facility or pursuing a higher degree. The MHS requires written coursework which culminates in a thesis, and areas of study are diverse and include biostatistics epidemiology and mental health.

Master of Science in Health Informatics or MSHI

Health informatics is a growing area in the field of medicine, and many people are pursuing the degree as a way of combining healthcare and advanced technology. When applying for the course, it is helpful to have an IT background or knowledge of health information management. Those who completed bachelor’s degrees in other fields could take prerequisites. You can obtain your mshi degree from Adelphi or another educational institution.

Courses that are usually required to an MSHI degree include managing information technology, information systems, database analysis and modeling among others. Upon completion of the course, you could work at a hospital, and healthcare facility or as a consultant. You can also do an advanced degree in informatics and contribute to research in that area.

Improve your Opportunities

There are several ways to advance in your field. One way is to gain experience through work and the other is through pursuing an advanced degree. You could do these at the same time by earning a master’s degree as you work. This possibility has become more viable with the development of online education. It has never been a better time to learn online while you work at a full-time job to improve your employment prospects in the future. Look at several possibilities for a masters degree in the healthcare area with a Master of Public Health, Masters of Health Science and a Master of Science and Health Informatics

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