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Where To Buy E-Cigs: What To Consider When You’re Vape Shopping

Where To Buy E-Cigs: What To Consider When You’re Vape Shopping

As more and more evidence mounts in favor of e-cigarettes, it’s becoming harder and harder to deny that vaping is much healthier than smoking. If you’re a smoker, all that evidence, plus first-hand reports of how vaping can help you quit smoking, has got to make vaping look pretty tempting, but where would you even start if you were going to try vaping. We’ve got you covered with this list of the pros and cons of where to buy e-cigs to help you quit smoking.

Buying E-Cigs On The Internet

The Internet is the first place you should look when you’re trying to decide where to buy e-cigs. I mean, why not buy e-cigs where you buy pretty much everything else! The variety of electronic cigarettes you’ll find on the web is exponentially larger than what you’ll see in gas stations or convenience stores, which are usually filled with bigger name, lesser quality vape cigs made by none other than Big Tobacco (who got us into this mess in the first place!)

The variety online is massive, so you have a much better chance at finding exactly what you need, whether you’re shopping for a disposable e-cig that feels like a cigarette or a more advanced e-cigarette without a bunch of annoying buttons to push.

Some people hesitate to buy their first e-cig online because they’re in a hurry, but many online vape retailers are known for their superfast shipping. One online e-cig guru, Steve Milin, told us, “I used to smoke five packs a day. It would have killed me. That’s why we ship so fast: because we know you need a smoking alternative ASAP. You order today, you get it yesterday.”

Buying E-Cigs At Mom-n-Pop Vape Shops

There’s nothing quite like walking into a mom-n-pop vape shop and having the owner walk you around and show you their favorite products. That’s a big thing for some people who are trying to figure out where to buy e-cigs. That’s actually how Milin (the former smoker who now sells e-cigarettes) got his start: by personally delivering orders to his customers.

At a vape shop, customers may even have the chance to sample some products before they buy them, but there can be some cons to buying at a local vape shop.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives near a mom-n-pop vape shop, so this seriously limits their options. Luckily online shopping is an option for these folks. Mom-and-pop vape shops can also have a more limited selection than online retailers and may not be as able to offer competitive pricing as their online counterparts.

Buying E-Cigs At Convenience Stores Or Gas Stations

The quickest and most simple way to buy an e-cig is by walking into a nearby gas station or convenience store, but we only recommend this as a last-ditch option. Gas stations are stocked with big name e-cig brands that are often made by Big Tobacco. The reason for this is that these e-cig giants control the convenience store market and make it difficult for online retailers to get their products into stores.

These types of electronic cigarettes are usually mass-produced and don’t have the same reliability and shelf life you’ll find with vape cigs you buy online or at mom-n-pop shops. Sometimes gas station and convenience store owners will lose track of their own inventory and keep expired e-cigs on hand without realizing it, yet another reason to avoid buying your vapes at one of these stores when you’re trying to choose where to buy e-cigs.


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