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What You Need to Run a Business Online

What You Need to Run a Business Online

Running a business online can be made a lot easier – if you have the right tools. Nowadays there are quite a number of web-based platforms, software and services that can help your business a lot.

Accounting and Finance

Keeping track of income, expenses, budget, invoices, and your business finances in general can be tough – but it is essential if you want your online business to run smoothly.

Nowadays there are many accounting tools that can help make the job significantly easier. The exact features and pricing can vary, but some basic web-based platforms such as Wave can even be free.

Collaboration and File Sharing

Online businesses will frequently have to provide access and share files, whether it is documents, videos, images, or other materials. In some cases you may even need to collaborate with multiple people spread across different locations.

For basic file sharing and access, simple cloud-based tools such as Google Drive and Documents or Dropbox can more than suffice. On the other hand if you want features geared more towards collaboration then Slack or Trello may be good options.

Image Editing

Having an image editor can help online businesses in many ways. It can edit and improve photos to make them look more professional, or alter stock photography to make it look more unique.

On top of that an image editor will come in handy to prepare images and resize or crop them to fit into marketing material, web design, and other areas. It doesn’t have to be particularly advanced, and a basic but user-friendly editor will suffice in most cases.

Video Production and Management

Videos tend to play an important role in online businesses and are widely used as content, or in marketing and advertising. The tools that you need to produce and manage the videos can range from screen recorders to video editors.

At very least it would be helpful to have a video converter handy to create versions of your video in different formats or compress them. If you want a web-based option then Online Video Converter can fit that role, and it can even extract audio tracks from videos by acting as a WebM to MP3 converter online.

Ecommerce and Payment Processing

Every online business needs to have a way to make sales and process payments. Nowadays there are many ways to do that, ranging from ecommerce platforms to shopping cart and checkout software.

It is safe to say that if you want to provide a shopping experience on your own website you will need some type of ecommerce and payment processing system – but its exact features will depend on the scale of your business.


Make no mistake there are lots of other types of software and tools that you will undoubtedly need to run an online business. The types listed above should cover the essentials however, which makes them a good place to start.

From there you can look into other tools that you may need to help run your business specifically.

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