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What to Look for in Online Forms: Typeform Review

What to Look for in Online Forms: Typeform Review

Online forms have become the norm for getting client/ customer feedback, and even suggestions and preferences from employees within an organization. As such, these digital documents are increasingly becoming an essential part of enterprises because feedback is very crucial. Feedback, opinion, and preferences are the things that enable an organization to determine what it’s doing right, wrong, what needs improvement, and what is the next thing it should be working on. Online forms are the most efficient and convenient way of achieving this. But what should an organization look for in an online form to determine whether it’ll do the right job for it? Let’s find out.

Ease of Use

If you are online looking for a platform where you can create an online form to collect data for different purposes, you want to work with a platform that’s easy to work with. Chances are that you don’t have the whole day to learn to work with a platform. The less time is required to understand to work with the platform, the sooner things will be done. If it’ll take you more than 10 minutes to figure out how things are done in particular platform, that platform isn’t the one for you. Most online form platforms will have short tutorials to at least show you how to do the most basic things. These tutorials should be around two minutes long. And afterward, you should be able to at least create a simple form for your data collection.

The user interface is also something you should pay attention to. A good online form platform will be simple to find your way around. For instance, Typeform is an online platform that enables you to create really beautiful, interactive, and engaging online forms. It’s the epitome of a good user interface. So if you find yourself struggling to find some key things like where to get started or how to access the forms or templates, then that’s a sure sign that you should close that tab and look elsewhere.


One of the most beautiful things about online forms is that over 90% of the things you normally do with data collection forms are done for you. I mean, once you’ve prepared the form for data collection, there’s little to nothing else needed from you. The online form platforms will collect the data for you, analyze it, and give you feedback. All you have to do is look at what has been collected and the results generated based on the data collected from the forms. And these features that do calculations and present various diagrams based on the data collected and generated results can be sophisticated, detailed, and diverse. You can have pie charts, bar charts, various calculations depending on the nature of the data gathered, and so much more. Therefore, when looking for an online form platform, look for one that has the features that will best present that data you are gathering, and capable of doing any calculations necessary.

Typeform is an online poll maker with some of the best features you are likely to find in a poll maker online today. The platform enables you to embed images, gifs, and even videos into your polls, and alternative online forms. This adds interactivity and creates interest like never seen before. Everyone who has interacted with a form created from Typeform can’t help realizing and appreciating how engaging the forms are.


Most online form platforms are free. In fact, for basic forms, all online form platforms are free. That’s one of the most beautiful things about online form platforms, and one of the major reasons you’ll turn to online forms for data collection. Look for something that best meets your needs. If you can find all the features you need in a form for free, then by all means, common sense dictates that you take that deal. Otherwise, if the features you are looking for are not available for free, then you may want to visit a few platforms and compare prices.

The value of online forms will keep increasing as technology advances. Typeform is one of the online form platforms that has revolutionized how humans interact with forms. This goes to indicate that these forms are essential and by making them more engaging and fun, most people will find it easier to not only provide the data being collected but also to work with them.

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