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What to Expect from Assisted Living

What to Expect from Assisted Living

As people’s parents and grandparents get older, they naturally have advanced healthcare needs. Many people who can’t fill their loved ones’ needs fret about the prospect of “putting them in a home” and feeling like they’ve abandoned them. Fortunately, an assisted living community Denver can provide them with the help and care they need in a very homelike environment. Here are some of the main selling points of assisted living.


The major difference between an assisted living community and a nursing or retirement home is that residents generally have their own apartment, condominium, or town house, complete with a bathroom (or bathrooms) and a kitchen. Like apartment complexes, they may have common laundry areas or a laundry service, but the units are typically self-contained, and for many, simply feel like a downsized home. This helps for people living in a multi-story house who have difficulty getting around or negotiating stairs.


A key feature of assisted living is the “assisted” part, which comes in the form of medical care and staff aid. Usually, these facilities have a physician onsite or on call, with trained staff to help with accessibility, transportation, and in some cases meal prep or delivery.


Perhaps the most important aspect of assisted living is the emphasis placed on building a community of residents. Many places have paid activity directors and scheduled outings. Game rooms, home movie theaters, gyms and pools are often common areas where people can meet and socialize. Gardens and walking paths encourage fresh air and sunshine.

Assisted living is a great alternative to nursing homes for senior citizens, even those with extensive medical or accessibility issues. The importance of staying in a home-like environment with a community of peers if vital in their golden years and can provide incredible substantial medical and physical health improvements to them.

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