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What to Do with Clothes That No Longer Fit

What to Do with Clothes That No Longer Fit

Even if you want to fit in your clothes, there will be a time when it’s impossible. You already gained weight, and your clothes are too small. It can also be the other way. Your closet ends up with too many unused clothes. If so, these are the things you need to do.

Place the clothes in a storage box

You can identify the clothes you don’t need and place them in a storage box. You can keep the box in a separate location. It doesn’t have to stay in your closet. If you have a storage room, it helps. You may also place it under your bed if possible. It’s easier to organise your clothes when you only have a few of them left.

Donate to charity

There are charitable organisations that will accept your old clothes. If they’re too small for you, other people will fit in them. It also feels good to help other people. Determine which organisations will accept all clothes and who they’re for.

Give to your relatives

You might also have relatives who will use these clothes. Start with your family. There’s no shame in wearing them. If you feel terrible about other people wearing your expensive clothes, you can start with the people you know.

Have a garage sale 

If you want to make money from the clothes you no longer use, you can host a garage sale. Many people might feel interested in buying them. You can sell them online if you don’t want to set up a regular yard sale. As long as you keep advertising about it, you will find interested individuals.

Expand your closet

If you still have many clothes left after disposing of some of them, you might consider building a fitted wardrobe. It allows you to keep all your clothes. You can also customise the design to accommodate all your old clothes. A fitted wardrobe might be expensive, but it will last long. You won’t have to worry about organising your clothes anymore.

Be a responsible shopper

Apart from growing out of your clothes, you have too many because you love to shop. You have to be a more responsible shopper. Even if there are clothes on sale, you have to control yourself. Just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean you have to buy them. Each time you feel tempted to purchase new clothes, you have to think about what you still have. You also have to be more practical. There are other more vital expenses than clothes. If you can’t control yourself, you might want to uninstall your shopping apps.

Organise your wardrobe regularly

Try to check your wardrobe regularly and see what you have. You might feel surprised that there are clothes you didn’t wear for a long time. It’s time to consider wearing them. It’s easier to organise your closet if you arrange the clothes frequently.

With these changes, you can still find a way to use your old clothes.

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