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What to Do and See in Anguilla

What to Do and See in Anguilla

wefqrfqrfqrwfThe Caribbean island of Anguilla is all about relaxation, barefoot, with satisfying local music scene, and good food to indulge. There are no cruise ships, casinos, or even malls on the island. You can’t also find high-rise hotels but there are accommodations that may suit your budget whether you’re splurging on luxury or on a budget.

Here are some of my best tips for what to see, places to visit and things to do in Anguilla to make the most of your stay on this beautiful island..

Things to do in Anguilla – What to see

Sandy Island

One of the most recommended island in visiting Anguilla is the Sandy Island. It is a small off-shore cay and a short five-minute boat from the Island. For a far, it looks like a postcard version of a deserted tropical island. But when you get up close, you’ll see every bit as pretty, with a top-quality restaurant that serves chicken or crayfish, fresh grilled lobster, combined with rum punches and comfortable lounge chairs. This is the place where you will be enjoying the luxury of one of the Anguilla homes that you have rented.

The Beaches

Other islands would be fortunate enough to have just one beach that as beautiful as those on Anguilla. But, Anguilla has 33 picture-perfect white sand beaches that everyone can enjoy. These beaches are not crowded, open to the public and unspoiled by development. Even on the most famous beaches, you won’t crowd sun seekers in this island.

Big Spring National Park’s petroglyphs

Between 600 to 1200 years, inside the Big Spring collapsed cave, Anguilla’s original Arawak residents created petroglyph called Spirit Eyes, designed to record births and deaths. There are more than 60 of these can still be seen in the small national park behind Island Harbour’s The Pub. The spring supplied Anguilla residents with fresh water for centuries until the arrival of Hurricane Luis in 1995. Today, tourist and visitors can no longer drink from the spring, but you can still get a closer look along the park’s new walking path or see several prime bird-watching spots and the East End Pond Conservation Area.

Heritage Museum Collection

Anguilla Heritage Museum is a small museum that occupies a quaint bungalow next to East End Salt Pond. Inside the museum, you’ll see the colorful history of the island through a spectacular assortment of artifacts. A tour around its rooms will give you an idea of this history and well-curated timeline of events, from the settling of the ancient Arawaks to Queen Elizabeth II’s visit in 1994.

East End Pond

East End Pond is a 13 acre of a shallow pond that gives great birding all year. It is a protected within the care of the Anguilla National Trust and they have built two sites for viewing. East End Pond is very close to the road and the best viewing can be done right from your car. Some of the birdlife that can be found here in East End Pond includes herons, egrets, waterfowl, and shorebirds. Terrestrial birds can also be found in the dense vegetation around the pond.

Anguilla’s historic Catholic Church – Saint Gerard’s Church

Located in the capital city – The Valley, British Overseas Territory of Anguilla, Saint Gerard’s Church is unique in architectural style church following the Roman Catholic rite. This interesting 18th-century Catholic church is worth a visit.

What to do in Anguilla

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Some of the most popular diving sites in Anguilla include Shoal Bay East, Sandy Island, Prickly Pear, Crocus Bay and Little Bay. Little bay is one of the quiet coves that’s great for snorkeling. It’s filled with turquoise water and rock faces pocketed with caves and tons of amazing sea creatures.

You can also try the scuba diving with P.A.D.I certification available. Stoney Bay Marine Park is one of the great sites for scuba diving, where the El Buen Consejo ship sunk in 1772. Remainders of the shipwreck like cannons and anchors can still see underwater.

Drive around the island

One of the interesting things to do here in Anguilla is to drive along its 16 miles long driveway. Go for a drive in the afternoon and watch out for the goats around the island. It’s pretty easy to drive, as the highest point on Anguilla island is just 213 ft. and there are six stoplights only.

If you’re up for other activities aside from driving, there are other things to do such as horseback riding, tennis, boat racing or golf. Boat racing is part of Anguilla’s culture.


If the beautiful beaches and tranquil islands of Anguilla aren’t relaxing enough for you, there are many other opportunities to indulge in this island. Ask the receptionist of the hotel you’re staying to arrange for a masseuse or yoga class. You can also visit one of these great spas – Malakh Day Spa, Spa Rituals, Venus Spa and Viceroy Spa.


Anguilla is a pretty laid back place, so it’s not a place for tourists looking for an all night long party. But, there are several fun spots on the island.

  • The Pumphouse – Looking for a reggae fun? Anguilla’s Pumphouse is perfect for you. It’s a true local vibe, with excellent music and great bar food.
  • Johnno’s Place – Johnno’s Place is more of a restaurant than a nightclub. It’s a casual place for relaxation while listening to great music in overlooking beachfront views.

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