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What is SEO Friendly Web Designing?

Nowadays, web designing is limited up to good looks and user friendly features. The most crucial aspect of web designing is its SEO friendly nature. It is important if it is core of your business. Hence, usually in SEO companies; web designers and search engine optimizers sit together. There are several expectations of SEO from a prominent web designer. Few are mentioned below:-
•    To treat search engine optimization as an afterthought is perhaps the biggest one mistake by web designers and site owners too.
•    All web designers must have strong command over CSS (cascading style sheets).
•    Font tags, color tags, size tags, etc provide search engine an ease over determining ranks of web pages.
•    Simultaneously, search engine experts can search & provide keywords and key phrases to designers to be used in the navigation schemes, headings, categories, cross-links, etc.
•    Mostly websites use high priority phrases on the homepage and hence internal pages lack far behind. So, web designers can link internal pages with anchor text on home page. It will certainly make the navigation smoother and more users friendly.
•    Splash page has immense significance from both aspects; web designing and optimization as well. Now, let’s have special briefing about splash page.
?    Normally, it is a flash animation with a link to redirect to the main home page.
?    Splash pages are primarily focused upon giant shaped advertisements.
?    The biggest setback with splash page is lacking of visible body text and link for single page.
?    So use splash page if usability tests, focus groups & web analytics data are showing its demand. But, be prepared regarding its negative impact as well.
Thus, hunting for designers is not an easy task. You must have bit idea about basics of web designing and search engine optimization. Such awareness will help you in analyzing the portfolio of web designing service providers. Now, here are few tips which are common in modern day web designing.
•    Search engines pay high respect to headlines so as a SEO/web designer; we must take advantage from this virtue and incorporate major keywords in headlines.
•    Every page of website has title & description tags. These include good keywords to describe the whole page content. Ideally, total number of words in title should not be more than nine and in description more than twenty.
•    As per latest trend, menu must be created on the left hand side of a website.
•    Think precisely upon the relevance of graphics and try to use an ALT tag containing keywords/key phrases.
•    Try to avoid flash due to its search engine unfriendly nature, though it enhances beauty of webpage.
•    Frequent use of image for link building also can not be called a smart web designing tactic because spiders are more prone towards text links.
•    Frames are another search engine unfriendly design so beware of them.
•    Too much complex tables are also not good from search engine optimization point of view.
•    CSS and java script files help in minimizing the page size and simultaneously, it makes download easier and faster for web surfers. It helps in quick indexing of web pages and enhances its ranking as well.
•    Always prefer standard HTML for web designing because software like Dreamweaver or WYSIWYG editor adds unnecessary scripting codes. Sometimes, search engines are unable to read them.

We can never neglect the fact that rank of website is directly proportional to the amount of traffic it invites. Vibrant look and rich contents work like catalyst for drawing huge traffic inflow. So, certainly; SEO and web designer are complementing each other. In this context, we can prominently talk about its future prospect especially as a bright career.
In coming days, there may be numerous forms of web designing. We can experience today vibrant look of flash designing and web sites in 3-D formats as well. On the other hand, news are flashing that Google has set up a team of sharp minds to enable text reading of image and video for search engine. These are symbolically speaking a lot about a new dynamic era

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