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Webwindows | Creating an Effective Advertising Strategy

When we talk about advertising, we generally refer to commercial advertising or paid advertising done through traditional channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. The other advertising medium that has taken the world by storm is the Internet. Advertising, as the term is used today, is then broadly classified under two sections, Traditional advertising and online advertising. Before discussing how to devise an effective advertising strategy, we first need to understand the different types of advertising channels available to us.


As said, traditional advertising channels include newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Of all these, newspapers and magazines can be said to be more popular than TV and radio given the fact they are comparatively less expensive and within the reach of small and mid-sized businesses. Then again, people read newspapers and magazines at their own leisure while for TV and radio, you have to buy fixed time slots for your advertisement.


Online advertising, also referred to as web advertising, is by far the cheaper option for reaching a global audience at minimal costs. There is nothing like your own website to promote your offerings. Then there are other options such as online banner advertisements, Google AdWords advertising, pay per click options that you can explore.


Now that you are clear about the mediums available, you can focus on devising an effective advertising strategy. To devise an effective advertising strategy you should take into consideration the pros and cons of each medium and then devise a marketing plan that exploits each medium to effectively communicate your message and reach your target audience. There are, of course other factors that you should take into consideration. Your budget, for instance, will go a long way in deciding which medium you use.


Given the cost effectiveness and global reach of online marketing, more and more companies are focussing their advertising strategy on using online resources. However, it is important to point out that there are millions of registered websites listed on domains and so it is really difficult to drive traffic to your website or in other words get your target customer group to visit it. Yes, there are search engine optimization methods available but when you devise an advertising strategy keep in mind that one of the proven ways to get your target audience to visit your site is to advertise it in newspapers and magazines. Research has shown that a startling 70 percent of people browse through the Internet to search for products and services that they have seen advertised in newspapers and magazines. So when you devise your advertising strategy do keep in mind that you can reap maximum benefits only if you judiciously combine online advertising with offline advertising.


Well this may seem cumbersome to some people for they would need to enquire about buying newspaper or magazine space and search for the right rates. Then again, which newspaper and magazine to advertise? Well if you have any such questions in mind, then you can take the help of companies and agencies that specialize in providing offline advertising support to online companies. One such company is Web Windows, UK based company that offers attractive packages in offline advertising in newspapers and magazines across the country. Web Windows can help you place your advertisement in the colour supplements of major newspapers in the UK such as Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, The Observer to name only a few, at cost effective rates. So advertise your online business in all the major newspapers in the UK and see the results in the form of increased numbers of web enquiries, increase in sales, increased number of repeated purchases and improved customer loyalty and long-term competitive advantage.

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