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Webinar Tools For A Successful Webinar

There are a few webinar tools you will need to run a professional and effective webinar. Because the effectiveness of your webinar begins with the webinar set up.

The first webinar tool you need for creating your webinar is a webinar set up sheet. On this sheet you need to list:

– your webinar OBJECTIVE (sales, a phone appointment, education?)

– your webinar TITLE (this should be benefit driven)

– what you plan to COVER on your webinar

– “your STORY” (credentials or how you had the same problem and overcame it)

– CASE STUDIES (results of how you, or the people you have helped, have solved the “problem”)

– EDUCATION (killer tips and tricks they need to know to help overcome the “problem”)

– ROAD BLOCKS to success (obstacles that will keep them from solving the problem)

– CALL TO ACTION (This is where you encourage them to act on what you’ve shown them. Go to your website, buy your product or service, or call for an appointment.)

Another webinar tool is a powerpoint template for your webinar ppt. Creating a webinar ppt is easy if you include these items:

– background graphic – Create or have someone else create an appealing, memorable graphic that communicates the message of your webinar. Use it as the background graphic on your master slide.

–  your picture – Again on the master slide, insert your picture in the top left corner so that people can identify with you as a person. It also helps the audience to link a face with your voice.

– bullet points that show up when you click your mouse – Go to the “custom animation” option and have each line on your presentation appear when you click your mouse in the master slide.

–  call to action url – In the master view, add a url at the top so that the “call to action” is available on each slide. The call to action should lead to a web site where your audience can take an action (buy button, phone number to call, email option form, etc.)

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So those are the essential webinar tools. Give them careful thought, set them up, and you will likely see HUGE results.

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