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We ComiConverse with Jim Cummings

We ComiConverse with Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings is a very popular American voice actor and singer. He has appeared around 400 roles and known for voicing many popular personalities including Darkwing Duck.

He got opportunities to perform lots of animated Disney and DreamWorks movies, which include Lion King, Shrek, Aladdin, etc. His voice is also used for various video games as well. One of his most famous plays is Darkwing Duck. He is in the industry for the past three decades.

darkwing-1 got a unique opportunity to interview Jim Cummings, the prolific voice actor. In his detailed interview with Comiconverse, he shares various useful aspects including some useful acting advice.

He also shares his childhood memories, his approach towards the work and his many spectacular voices. This interview is really helpful for those who want to build a career in the same field. He reached in this position through hard work, dedication and his devotion for the art.

In this interview, he approaches each and every character and work of him in a separate angle. This interview is really helpful for knowing this famous personality and how he achieved success in his life.

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