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Types of Pallets

Types of Pallets

Pallets are platforms that are used to move goods throughout every stage of their transportation and retail processes. People wanting to learn more about the different types of pallets might be surprised to learn just how many different types there are. Although traditionally most pallets were constructed of wood, not all pallets are necessarily made of wood nowadays. In order for pallets to be effective, they have to be strong and maneuverable, first and foremost.

Some pallets nowadays are constructed of molded plastic. However, plastic pallets can’t withstand the impact that some other types of pallets can. Additionally, they are not recyclable like wood pallets are, which is part of what makes wood still the favored choice of pallet type among factories, warehouses and other such businesses.

Some of the other types of pallets include metal ones and ones constructed of cardboard materials. Each type has it relative advantages and disadvantages, though. The type that a company chooses to use depends upon the company’s need for pallet repairability, reusability and recyclability. For instance, although disposable pallets might seem like the cheapest option initially, when you factor in the replacement costs, you might find that disposable pallets are more expensive than they first seemed.

Some people find that their operational costs are lower when they invest in better pallets upfront and then use them over and over again. Regardless of the type of pallets that a company chooses to invest in, they need to have the strength and durability necessary to appropriately transport goods from one location to another.

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