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Top 6 Interesting features of Charter Spectrum Internet You Must Know in 2018

Top 6 Interesting features of Charter Spectrum Internet You Must Know in 2018

If you are an internet freak and have a craze about online gaming or live streaming, then you must subscribe to high quality internet services by Charter Spectrum. Charter Telecommunications is gaining considerable amount of attention among customers and businessmen as it provides the high-end quality of telecommunication services. It offers top-class HD Cable TV service, fastest and most reliable internet, and phone facilities to the millions of consumers at economical prices. Currently, it offers streaming services in forty one states of the US. Here, I will discuss about the amazing features of the Charter Spectrum Internet that you would like to try in 2018.

1.   Experience the fastest and relentless Internet speed

Gone are the days when users were falling prey to digital service providers and eventually becoming helpless and deserted on slow internet speed. Now, Spectrum is providing super-fast internet to its users. The fastest internet speed remains constant at all times which allow users to experience reliability of the Charter Spectrum. More than 100 Mbps speed of Internet allows customers to download HD movies and music, playing online games and live streaming the videos. All these can be achieved with thrilling Spectrum Internet in one go with affecting the performance of the speed.

2.   Enjoy high performance of internet with free modem

Charter provides the users with speedy internet and free of cost Wi-Fi modem. The modem has robust connectivity that allows sufficient bandwidth to the users for live streaming, gaming and uploading contents on all connected portable devices. Spectrum internet also comes with free hotspot facility with which users can take their Wi-Fi on tours, vacations etc. all across the U.S and enjoy high performance of internet anywhere. It allows the consumers to connect to thousands of spectrum hotspots with ease and enjoy thrilling speed of internet.

3.   Perfect Coupling with the Spectrum Cable TV

Another interesting feature of the Charter internet is that it can pair with the Charter Spectrum cable TV. The bundling of my cable internet with the Spectrum Cable TV permits users to enjoy their favorite networks with Spectrum TV App. Spectrum TV provides more than 200 channels of standard and premium quality with free HD and free DVR services. For example, STARZ, HBO, HBO GO, MAX GO, NFL RedZone, NFL NETWORK, SHOWTIME, TMC, etc. Spectrum offers unique features of Cable TV in three exciting package tiers i.e. Triple Play Select Package, Triple Play Silver Package and Triple Play Gold Package. With these packages, customers can now enjoy live streaming of their favorite sports, news and entertainment channels, watching movies in 3D and recording desired programs in order to watch those later in their free time.

4.   Absolute protection from online dangers

Charter spectrum provides the users with pre-installed software known as Security Suite. Security Suite includes a complete set of defense gears which protects the connected devices from internet generated malware. Mostly fast speed internet connections are prone to the viruses, malware, and other malicious contents but thanks to the Charter Internet you connection is going to be safe and sound. Two interesting features of this software are Virus Detection and Inbox Protection. Whenever the connected device receives a virus or spam, it immediately comes into action thereby mitigating of threat. Similarly, it provides rigorous protection against those emails which aim to pollute the inbox of customers email. It also allows parents to control the content being accessed by the family member. Hence, spectrum deeply realizes the apprehensions of its users and therefore presented them with free online protection system to browse securely and steadily.

5.   Enjoy incredible internet speed without data caps

One of the amazing attribute of the Charter internet is that internet has no data checkpoints. You can enjoy unlimited net browsing, downloading of heavy files, and online gaming without any limitation of data usage. Various internet suppliers endorse data caps on the internet which controls the speed once the user go overboard regarding data usage and eventually affects the performance of the internet. While on the other hand, Spectrum brings an amazing deal of unlimited fast downloading of content without any barriers to the speed of the internet.

6.   Abundant and sufficient bandwidth for all internet users

Charter Spectrum internet provides plenty of bandwidth to its consumers which allow adequate internet connectivity with everyone in the house. Now, you can boost up your portable devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones with high bandwidth of Charter Internet.

7.   Stay Connected with Spectrum Email

You can get 10 email accounts including 1 GB of storage on each email with Charter internet. These email accounts are highly compatible with other email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more. One of the benefits of spectrum email is that you can easily access your voicemail anywhere at all times.

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