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Top 4 Web Development Frameworks That Are Here To Stay

Top 4 Web Development Frameworks That Are Here To Stay

Although the work of a web designer cannot be seen or understood by the users, that individual is very much responsible, to present your website the way, you are seeing it now. They lay the foundation upon which the site stands. In short, they program the website. People often get confused with the term web developer and web designer. So, when you want to build a website, a web designer cannot help you out rather a web developer can.

With the need of a digital platform, the creation of a website has become very important. Hence, the need for web developers is growing continuously. However, to become a web developer, individual need to study the process of development under a course program. So, for those aspirants who are planning a career in web development, enrolling in web development courses is a must.

Web development courses not only help you in grooming your skills and give you ample scopes, at the same time, but it can also create your career in various forms, such as,

  • Java Developer
  • JavaScript Programmer
  • C++ Developer
  • AJAX Programmer
  • Python Developer
  • Magento Developer
  • Jquery Programmer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Angular JS Developer
  • Drupal Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Database Designer etc

When you have so many choices, your career can shine exponentially. While a student can opt for classroom mode, even for professionals, who are engaged in some form of work can also opt for the online classes too. On completion of the course, you will have various types of skills of creating a website successfully.

The Top Frameworks

To help the developers, even more, structures are introduced that will support to build applications just with the help of a programming language. Once you learn how to work with the frameworks, the works become very easy, and at the same time, interactive applications can be made. So, here is a list of top four development frameworks that are rich in features and are going to rule the market for a real long time.

  1. Ruby on Rails: This is one of the most popular and best frameworks which have MVC architecture. This framework is mostly used for general purpose application development. With its introduction, this framework has gained immense popularity and has been used to build numerous numbers of applications. The good news is this software free and any developer by adding the codes can make proper use of it.


  • There are so many tools available that can be used to create specific apps within a very short time
  • Can be very easily obtained with easy access to library and a bunch of quality codes
  • With test automation feature, it helps in generating flawless applications


  • The boot speed is an issue
  • When it’s the time for multithreading, it is at times not supported by IO libraries
  1. Angular JS: This software is being maintained under the guidance of Google and some other developing communities. This framework helps the developer to extend their HTML vocabulary for developing the website. This is open source and is one of the most favorite JavaScript frameworks.


  • Loading time is very fast
  • The framework is lightweight
  • It is expressive too
  • Treating is very easy in this framework
  • It can bind data two way
  • HTML can be extended


  • You need to have knowledge of this framework to use
  • Limitations in case of Routers
  • The use of directives can be difficult
  • Debugging the code is not easy
  1. Ember.js: For some ambitious projects, this can be the best framework that can be used for web development. With its help, scalability and single page applications are assured. There are abundant tools to be used for flexibility and standard structure.


  • The router is powerfully built
  • Web components are simple enough
  • Stable framework


  • There may be bug issues when getters and setters are not used
  1. CakePHP: This is yet another open source framework, with PHP as the core. Using this framework, web development is much faster and simpler too. Without much codes, effective applications can be made.


  • Quite reasonably priced
  • Security can be trusted
  • Coding pattern is MVC


  • Routing is one way
  • Default route needs to be updated to create appealing URLs

However, the advantages surpass the disadvantages. This is the reason this framework has been able to become a favorite among web developers.

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