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Tips To Build Your Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

Having an outdoor fire pit can give a comfortable campfire to the entire family without any hassle of chopping or hauling wood. It is very important to understand that there are several factors to be considered before you build an outdoor fire pit. There are many options to consider. Propane fire pits utilize the propane burner, which can be built in decorative designs with the use of non-inflammable materials. There is a propane tank, which is usually placed in hidden locations, far away from the fire pit for safety and aesthetic reasons.

To build your outdoor fire pit, excavate the area below the spot you have chosen. Remove all sorts of organic material and sod to a depth of approximately 4 inches. Fill this area with pea-sized rock or gravel.

You must place the burner of fire pit right at the center of gravel region, extending the hose to nearby location so that the tank is not visible.

You must arrange the landscape circle to retain wall blocks in and around the fire pit burner. For elevation, stack two or more wall blocks, adding more gravel to its base before placing the burner at a height of 6 inches.

Finally, cover the area of the burner with non-inflammable materials. You can include crushed glass pieces or lava rocks that will reflect some light and add beauty to the flames.

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