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Tips for Safely Packing Books Destined for a Storage Unit

Tips for Safely Packing Books Destined for a Storage Unit

Books are timeless and have the ability to transform the reader to another world. When one reads a story from their favorite author or series, the feeling they get is irreplaceable. However, it is not always that one has space in their book shelves for all their favorite books. Getting rid of them is never on the cards, so the next best option is to have them moved into a storage facility. Even though they will be safe, there will be nobody tendering to them as they would have if they were right there at home. Without the benefit of such specialized attention, the packing has to be just right. Here are some helpful tips one might follow when looking to have their books stored away in a facility on the long term;

Box sizes

One of the first things one must think about is how they will move the books after packing them. The standard packing boxes are normally huge, and while it might be tempting to have all the books in a compact box, these huge boxes when filled with hard cover books will be very heavy. If the boxes are huge, then have them filled up to three quarter way with books, and have the rest of the space filled with lightweight materials.

Packing and labeling

When ready to pack the books, make the packing process judicious and strategic. When packing, have the books that are normally stacked together on the shelves packed together. This way, the unpacking process will be much easier. Also, label the boxes in a way that will be easy to remember, and have the labeled parts of the boxes facing the outward side of the room. It might also be important to have one’s favorite books packed last, in a last in first out way, such that when one needs them, access will be easy.

Careful packaging

In good storage facilities like Closetbox Locations, the books will be safe, but nothing can stand in the way of them getting damaged within the boxes themselves. There are several ways that one can pack their books; stacked standing up, lying flat or spine down. Whatever the case, the books must be straight and not at an angle or bent in a strange way. Storing them bent or at an angle will only have them warped when taken out.


If one is moving house, then start preparing for the packing and storage early. Book lovers know the struggle when it comes to deciding which books to keep away and which ones to leave on the shelves. A few weeks to the move, perform an audit of the book collection, deciding which one to take to the new place, and which one to have in the storage facility. Choices here can be made with the age of the book in mind, the frequency with which it is read or its usefulness, to one’s livelihood or career. What is important, though is that the decision is made beforehand to make the actual packing easier. When it comes to the actual day, the packing process will be smooth sailing.


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