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Tips For Migrating Your Website To A Different Web Hosting

When migrating your website from one server to another ensure that you keep a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish so that the transition is smooth and there are no major issues. First task is to stop any additional development work on the main live site. In a majority of the cases businesses will have a local copy of the site which when uploaded to a live server (a hosting server that has a live IP accessed by users on the internet). The first task is to upload the local copy of the site to the new server. If you have a ftp access then you will have to open your ftp client and make a connection to the www directory on the server (under your login name). If you have access to Cpanel you could alternatively upload a *.zip file and then have that unzipped in the remote server using a shell command. Ideally a ftp is a safe but time consuming process. Once the files are copied, next you will have to copy the database. If you’re using MySQL then there is a easy structure & data copy option. Using that you can download a copy of the data and the database structure and then have that uploaded to the MySQL on the new server after having created the database. Change the connections such as the database name and the username/password and you’re ready to go live.

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