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Tips for a fabulous outfit

Nowadays almost everything moves around how we look like, what we wear, how old are we and so on. Although people over a certain age tend to say that the soul is what really matters (I’m always laughing on this on, especially when is coming from a 40+ lady) the truth is different. I never was (and hope I won’t) hypocrite. I admit that a bright skin, supple silhouette, high heels and some out couture clothes can make a huge difference. It is called attraction, you know.

Just Fab

Just Fab

I observed that many people after turning a certain age or after getting married don’t care that much about how they look like, often they get fat (or even obese) then they are depressed because often even the loved one doesn’t feel attracted to them. People really should understand that love is one thing and attraction is another thing.

A girl, for example, could look just fab using some nice high heels, sun glasses, some Stefanel stuff and a nice purse. I am aware about the fact that fabulous shoes can cost a small fortune but if you earn enough, they well worth it.

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