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Things To Consider Before You Franchise Your Business

If you own a business that is doing really well, you may be thinking of new ways to continue growing it. One such was is to franchise it. Before you take the plunge, it is important to consider different things about franchising your business such as how it will affect your customer satisfaction, your business model and your revenue. Before you make the ultimate decision, speak with a franchise business attorney to see what your options are. Only speak with reputable attorneys on the matter such as the ones found at

Your Customers

The first thing to consider when franchising is your customers. When you make the change, you will be transitioning your focus from serving your shoppers to serving the people who are franchising your business. All of a sudden, your company will be more concerned with optimizing the business model for other people’s businesses and much less concerned about working with those who are actually buying your products or services.


One of the more important things to consider before you franchise your business is whether or not your business model is able to be scaled. Think about all the systems you have in place with your current business model. You might look back and remember you encountered different issues and how you were able to get through them. Consider if those same issues could be taken care of if your business was franchised. You need to ensure a good business model to ensure your new owners and locations will be able to survive and thrive.

If you have not yet opened a second location of your business, it is best to test that before you decide to franchise your business. This will give you a great test of whether or not a franchise is even a good idea. One of the main keys to having a successful franchise operation is having unique services or products which are not easy to get anywhere else. Consider what makes your franchise good enough that no one will try and decide years down the line that they can offer those same products or services in a better way than you can.

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