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Things Patient Could Take Advantage of with Air Ambulance Service

Availing air ambulance service to achieve a higher level of intensive care is available for everyone these days. Yes, it is true that this kind of service is expensive if you pay one time but one way of making the financial burden lighter is to avail it as insurance. In a normal case, the patient will basically need to pay around $50, 000 to $100, 000 in order to be transported to the nearest hospital facility during an emergency case.


Of course, no one wanted to shell out cash that big just for a one time medical transport. To ensure that you will not pay that amount, you can get it together with your travel insurance and you can just renew every year. In this way, the financial burden will be lesser at the same time you can avail the service anytime you need it.


So why do you need air ambulance charter service? Many people are asking this question because they could not appreciate its benefits. The following are the things that you can take advantage of when you have this insurance:


  • Quick transport. Patients die while being moved from one facility to the other because land vehicle is used —ambulance. Sometimes, the ambulance could not reach the facility on time due factors like traffic congestion, far flung patient location and mechanical failure of the vehicle, With the air transport using air carrier, the patient could reach the distant facility in just a matter of 10 minutes.
  • Comprehensive care. When getting this service, the patient is assured to get a comprehensive pre-medical facility care that is given by trained professionals. Before one could give aeromedical intensive care to the patient, he/she should undergo training first from evacuation and rescue actions. In that way, comprehensive care can be provided by these professionals. With these people behind, you are ensured that you will arrive in the medical facility alive.

Availing of insurance perks. If you are a certified member of the insurance, you will always the option in choosing which medical facility you would like to be transported. Most of the aeromedical teams will bring you to the nearest facility if your condition is critical. But in any case wherein your condition is okay and you insist to be brought to the best facility that you wanted, you can always avail your privilege anytime.


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