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The Two Essential Techniques of Search Engine Marketing

There are two primary Search Engine Marketing techniques that are being widely used across the World Wide Web are the Search engine optimization and the search engine advertising methods. The SEO technique is the oldest and the most popular search engine marketing technique. Search engine optimization is dome to ensure that your website is properly optimized to be visible in the search engines.

Search engine optimization works on keyword relevancy. By Keyword relevancy one does not mean that you need to stuff your website with the most relevant keywords. Instead it requires you to use those keywords in the form of quality content in the site so that when the search engine spiders crawl your website they find appropriate content which is sufficient for them to list your website in their search result page. One thing which should be kept in mind while you are optimizing your website with keywords is to find its relevance to your website and its usage amongst the internet users. It is best to use keywords that most people will easily look for. Do not use extremely specific keywords unless they are extremely essential for your website.

The other widely used search engine marketing technique is Search Engine Advertising. A website can begin search engine advertising once, it has completely optimized itself in the search engine free listing. The advertising bit of the search engines, ensure a bonus exposure to the websites. Search engine advertising is a process of paying the search engines and other web directories for ensuring optimum exposure to the websites. PPC or pay per click is one of the paid listing techniques of search engine marketing. All top search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN have launched such paid listing mechanism to ensure visibility to websites.

Search Engine Marketing does not only help in increasing the visibility of websites but also enhances the brand name of the concerned website. It increases its traffic inflow which inversely helps in increasing the conversion ratio of these websites.

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