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The Top Causes For Getting Green Poop

Every single day, thousands of people realize that their poop has turned green. They realize that this isn’t normal, and then they ask themselves, what does it mean if my poop is green? This question can cause a lot of concern, so that is why I would like to tell you about the top causes for people getting green poop.

One major cause for people having their stool turn bright green is because they have Salmonella. This disease greatly affects your digestive system, so it comes as no surprise that is can change the color of your poop.

Another reason for getting green poop is because you have been eating too many green foods. This includes healthy items, such as vegetables, but also more extreme items, such as sodas that are loaded with chemically produced colors.

Fortunately, no matter what has caused your poop to turn green, it is usually something that is fairly harmless. If you adjust your eating habits, then your poop should turn back to brown in two to three days.

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