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The secret of living a wealthy and happy life

The popularity of the wealthy speaks to the enormity of our obsession with the rich and famous. Besides their fabulous looks and lucrative careers, we covet their extravagant lifestyles. Read on and learn how you can live like modern-day royalty.

Once you get to a certain point in your financial life, you don’t need to take the same risks that other people do to build a portfolio. If you have already become very successful and wealthy in life, you have a different set of priorities in front of you. Setting yourself up for residual income and maintaining your wealth is critical.

One such man is Giuseppe Graziano. The difference is that, in contrast to most successful entrepreneurs out there, Giuseppe is against keeping the secret of living a wealthy and happy life. His blog aims to provide an introduction between you – the reader – and the ultra-rich social elite. On his blog he discusses every aspect that is characteristic to the lifestyle of the wealthy.

You should not be lied to. The simple truth is that if you were not born rich, getting there is not going to be an easy process. However, it is not impossible and is the blog where you can read more about this and see that no one is making fun of you.

You have to know what you really want, how you want to live and you will have to have the ability to keep this in mind everyday for years on end. Personally, I am so tired of these money for nothing, rich overnight ads I see propped up all over the net and I know you feel the same.


Ever wonder why some people seem to make money almost instantly? Well, they aren’t just lucky. They have trained themselves to think like the wealthy do, and have formed habits that follow those thought processes. The good news is, with hard work and an open mind; you can do the same.

When you have a large amount of money that you want to save, it is generally a good idea to spread out your savings a bit. You shouldn’t keep it all in the same bank. Once you create a portfolio that is large enough, you can live a comfortable life off of the residual income that it creates. When your goal is to create a residual income, your focus should be on safety instead of capital appreciation.

For instance, you may want to invest a large percentage of your portfolio in corporate or government bonds. These are some of the safest investments available and they pay regular interest. The interest could be enough for you to live on, and you can leave the main funds untouched.

On you will find out how different it is to see life from the perspective of those with extreme wealth and elitist social statuses. If you are curious to see right into the world of the rich, this blog is definitely the resource that shows you what this life is all about.

Instead of putting all of your money into securities like stocks and bonds, you might want to put a large portion of your money into assets as well. For example, many wealthy people buy large amounts of real estate. This type of investment tends to appreciate in value over the long term, and it generally always maintains some sort of value, even if the financial markets go through down times. When you buy assets, you also get to enjoy them while you are the owner.

At the same time, on you are offered the opportunity to learn different concepts on what it takes to be wealthy. In other words, Giuseppe aims to offer his readers, such as you and I, blog posts that are financially helpful.

Once you become wealthy, you are generally made aware of many investment options that were previously unknown to you. You could potentially make large amounts of money investing in private investments. For example, you could provide investment capital for new businesses and make a large return without doing that much work. By doing this, you can help others get started in business and help grow your portfolio at the same time. When going this route, you need to do plenty of research.

Look at your finance objectively, and assess the best strategy for becoming wealthier. Should you work more? Should you stay at home and stop paying for expensive child care? Should you go back to school? Think in terms of long term advancement, not in terms of what will help you make a quick buck right now.

As far as the concept of his blog is concerned, it is entirely new and unique. After gaining success and wealth (life was not a bed of roses for him!), Giuseppe is breaking new ground by doing his utmost to help people become successful, wealthy and happy.

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