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The Many Uses Of Calendula Salve

Calendula salve is a kind of cream that is made from extracts of the calendula plant. Some feel that the extracts of this plant have anti-inflammatory properties. This salve is now used to treat various skin conditions and wounds that affect the skin. Calendula is also used to treat skin problems and wounds to the skin because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

This salve can be used to help heal bruises and also treat varicose veins. Some also use this product on scrapes and cuts to the skin and also on burns. In addition, calendula salve can also used on sunburned skin.

Babies have delicate skin and that is why some parents use this salve on their baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. Diaper rash can be lessened with this product and adults who suffer from rashes or other skin irritations can also find relief with this product. When this salve is used on the skin, it is important to cover it with a cotton dressing or a bandage. In addition, after washing or bathing, the salve should be put on again.

Many have found Calendula salve especially helpful with wounds that take a long time to heal or sores that are a problem for a long period of time. Because of its anti-inflammatory ingredients, it is quite helpful in lessening pain and swelling with irritating skin issues.

The main ingredients in this product are olive oil and beeswax. Lavender oil is also another ingredient in this salve. Some also suggest that this is an ideal product to have in your home but it is also important to have any serious burns, rashes or scrapes to be checked out by a physician. He or she can ascertain if an infection has occurred and can instigate proper precautions and treatment.

With its %soothing and healing qualities, Calendula Salve is a product that can come in handy and prevent confusion, infection and worry for those dealing with a burn, rash, scrape or other skin concern.

So, if you or someone you love is suffering from a skin irritation such as a burn or rash, check out calendula salve.

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