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The importance of handbags for women

The importance of handbags for women

The handbags are a reflection of each woman’s personality, elegance, and style; it also offers you a feeling of safety and comfort. 

The accessories are very important for women, they become special elements for their daily life, both in the way they dress and in the style they want to show. Above all, it makes you feel more powerful, seductive, youthful and even playful. One of the essential aspects in the image of every woman is the bag. Obtaining the indicated purse for each event is fundamental, but nowadays you have a great advantage because it can be acquired in the digital world, with the online purse boutique, which allows easier access to exclusive models, at an affordable price.

According to the French sociologist Jean Claude Kauffmann, the bag helps woman to face the events of life and even becomes protector of the most intimate memories. At the same time, it projects the personal and professional life of the feminine gender.

There are many types of bags, and it is usually an accessory that is often changed, since you are always looking for design, functionality, color, and occasion to use it. It does not just serve to carry things, it helps to achieve a visual impact, and you should also consider the style for use, whether for professional use, casual or for a night out.

Another fundamental aspect when choosing a bag is the aesthetics of women. Whether you buy it traditionally or you are looking for an online purse boutique, you should consider whether the woman is taller or if she is considered petite instead.

In the case of petite women, (until the height of 1.60 meters), experts advise that you use a small purse, since a very large bag will immediately show a proportional difference and there is a decrease of harmony and elegance.

However, when it comes to women with high stature (more than 1.65 meters) it is recommended to use large or medium wallets since the small give the impression that they are accessories of a girl, which would cause an incongruity of sizes.

Another important aspect of the handbags is the quality of the material, the brand, and the exclusive models. Handbags are a key means to show category and elegance, and like any other accessory, there are important brands that are synonymous with class and style. Brands such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or ONESIXONE, which offers exclusive designs and hand-make, and which can also be purchased online, are some of the most sought after by women who want to have functionality and elegance together.

Last but not least, a woman’s purse is considered a treasure trove of identity, it is a psychological weapon that offers security, and in at personal level is a reflection of its interior, in addition to all this, it is an instrument that helps to carry the things that are believe necessary when you are away from home, so it offers a sense of comfort that helps to surpass each day and daily activity.

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