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The Importance Of Golf Clothing And Accessories 

The Importance Of Golf Clothing And Accessories 

There is more than adhering to the strict dress codes imposed by golf clubs when it comes to choosing golf clothing and accessories. Besides being denied to play, dressing up with the wrong attire could negatively affect your performance and subject you to the mercy of changing weathers.

Golf is not a game that you could finish in an hour or less.It takes an average of 4 hours to complete a typical 18 holes game. Often golfers are exposed to various weathers; from the blistering heat of summer to the chilling draught from the wind. It is vital for golfers to be equipped with the proper attire and gears to ensure their performance are not affected by these changing variables.

The right golf clothing not only provides comfort and flexibility of movement but also boost the performance of an individual in a psychological process called “enclothed cognition”. A study published in Journal of Experimental Psychology has shown that dressing in a specific manner pertaining to the roles could increase the basic performance of a person.

Besides looking stylish and confident in your next visit to the golf course, you’ll need to ensure that your attire provides comfort, flexibility, prevents injury and of course, keeping you in line the dress code of your club. Here are more detailed considerations when you’re making a personal choice on golf clothing and accessories.


Choosing a collared polo keeps you on the right side of the dress codes of most golf courses. You’ll also want your shirts to be flexible enough and not impede our movements on the green. While cotton works on most weathers, you may need an extra jacket when playing in cold conditions. Alternatively, advanced thermal technology like those in Galvin Green golf clothes can be effective without the additional weights of a jacket.


Ideally, your golfing pants should not impede your movement when you’re swinging your golf clubs. You’ll want to avoid wearing jeans not only for this reason but also for the fact that jeans may not be allowed on the golf course. The golf pants should have good ventilation, firm and not too heavy. If quality is your concern, you can opt for high-quality performance fabric that wicks moisture away and provides UV protection.


When you spent hours walking and standing on the golf course, wearing the wrong shoes can cause soreness, sweat or injury to your feet. It goes without saying that the right shoe must be a comfortable and flexible for your feet. You’ll want to have room for movements for your toes but tighter than your regular shoes for the best stability when swinging the club. You’ll also want a firm grip for stability offered by the soft spike, especially in wet and rainy conditions.

Golf Gloves 

While some golfer does fine without golf gloves, playing with one actually gives extra grip and comfort on your swing. Wearing a glove also prevent blister after long hours of golfing. You’ll want to avoid one that is bulky that impede your hand movements but rather go for one that is made of thin leather that gave you a natural touch and grip.

Hats And Visor 

When you’re playing golf at the hottest months, you’ll find that a hat or visor came in handy. You’ll end up more than frustrated if the glare is affecting your game, or have sensitive skin reacting to the exposure. A good hat or visor fits comfortably on your head and therefore it’s important to try out the hats or at least get the measurement right before placing your order.


Wearing a sunglasses do more than looking cool on the greens. Besides shielding your eye from the glaring sun, advanced technology in sunglasses provides an edge to golfers in their game. It is claimed that yellow and red lenses allow golfers better contrasts and perception on overcast days while amber and gray lenses work better on sunny days. Of course, you wouldn’t want to forget UV protection when you’re choosing the right sunglasses for your next game.


You can’t neglect the importance of socks when you’re spending hours on the green, regardless of the weather. Choosing the wrong socks could result in a sweaty and uncomfortable experience that lasts for hours. You’ll want to opt for breathable cotton socks to keep your feet dry or thicker ones for better comfort.

If you want to have your best game, you’ll need to pay as much attention in choosing your golf clothing and accessories as what you normally do in selecting your golf clubs. Ultimately, it is about personal fit and comfort rather than brands and pricing alone.

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