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The connection between an access device in the hosting account and their security

The connection between an access device in the hosting account and their security

Keeping the security of a hosting account, an online business hosted on a dedicated server or VPS cannot be limited to just a strong password, various techniques used or software installed on the server.

The greatest importance must be given to the PC or any other device through which you manage your hosting account. Such an account can be infected with various scripts or codes that are programmed to delete sites, send spam emails or move/redirect them to another web domain once they have gained control over them. At the same time, any device that performs the modification or administration of the site can be infected with viruses, malware or Trojans, from where they can migrate to the hosting account when you log on to it. And by the device we mean PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc. When an intruder has gained access to your hosting account, he or she may:

– delete the entire site and email addresses, along with all the messages received
– redirect your site or pages from it to sites with XXX content, commercial or potentially dangerous
– send spam messages on your behalf, advertising on pornographic content, various commercialized products, organizations or groups of hackers, etc.
– to use the resources of your account to affect the activity of other sites, by using them to “attack” the targeted domain
– to steal confidential data: the database with your clients or collaborators, the database with the partners from the email correspondence, database with site visitors, etc.

All these cases described above will mean a huge blow not only for the credibility of your site, but also for the success of your business. Any client will be able to continue collaborative relationships with you, if he/she gets to receive messages with pornographic content, messages that put on his neck certain products or that invite him to click on dubious links.

Anyone who buy a VPS and respects their online business will have to follow some basic rules, there is a minimum of security. Would you collaborate with a telephone company that will send weekly advertising messages for medicines? Or a shipping company that will send messages advertising on some XXX sites?

• To log in to the hosting account use a computer that has an antivirus program installed, with up-to-date updates. This computer should be scanned weekly.
• Avoid connecting from a device connected to an unparalleled wireless network. Your data may be intercepted.
• Do not log in to the hosting account on the devices of friends or relatives.
• Never offer to save passwords in browsers, FTP programs or applications.
• Do not set passwords such as password, Adrian, Emilia or home. Use figures, upper and lower case letters and special characters. 3 examples of powerful words: 3dpp50tv, lizMX9gag, RoBert73x. This type of password should be the minimum accepted.

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