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The best method to calculate car’s valuation in India

The best method to calculate car’s valuation in India

Apparently nowadays, people treat cars as way past their utility after it reaches an age of about 3 or 4 years. Many reasons can be attributed to this phenomenon, like newer cars in the market with enhanced capabilities; old cars can be an expensive affair when it comes to mileage and fuel consumption, etc. this is when people usually put their car up for resale. One of the advantages of second-hand car sale for both the seller is the fact that if they could get a fair estimate of the old car’s value, the deal can be very profitable. And when it comes to the buyer of such cars, second-hand cars in a good condition can be a very affordable option for most.  Be that as it may, if your car has moved more when compared with most of its companions of similar age, or in the event that you have presented a few superfluous costs for enhancing cosmetics of your car or for revamping it with cool new features, then it may be hard to expect a decent estimation of return through the web said above stages. If the cost of such improvements is to be factored in the final asking price of your car, chances are you would need to have the evaluation of your old car in a little more personalized manner. Moreover, the fact that car valuation in India is still a substantially new business notion makes it more of a buyer’s market kind of option. Meaning, the buyers of a second-hand car usually do ask for larger rebates on the price of the car and being the seller, you shall not have much of a choice but to go with the bargain. Although by following a couple of guidelines it is indeed possible for you to get the money worth your old car.

•    Online valuation methods: some websites like etc. give a detailed old car valuation without much hassle. Even though the prices that such websites come up with are strictly comparative and based on the relative popularity of your car on other cars with similar features, you can still get a fair estimate especially if you haven’t done any major re-works on your car before putting it up for resale. There are also websites like which is relatively more popular in India as it provides an extensive evaluation of your car by having experts check it and give you a maximum selling price before you register it with the website.

•    Play you cards right:

By now you must have realized that there is no strict manner of having your car evaluated, and most of the techniques that are put into practice give you an estimate of the same. If you are good with your negotiation skills and can play your cards right, which includes you glorifying the good features of your car and throwing in a couple of perks into the final deal, chances are, you can get a price way higher than your previous estimate.

•    Reach out to car financing companies:

If there is anything that comes next to old car resale business, regarding profitability car financing companies are the ones. It is surely understood that there are numerous banks and financial institutions offering credits for the old cars. Taking the assistance of these facilities can likewise convey great results in your favor. All the more vitally, there is no fuss of any “later arrangement”, which is again, a bother in itself.

•    Travel agencies and services:

Even though it is one of the lesser known ways to have you old car resold, but you must keep in mind that travel agencies or companies providing cab services are in perennial demand for affordable car buying options. A single old car can might as well be a blip among the numerous cars handled by such companies, nevertheless, if your car is in a good condition (as these companies often require you to fulfill certain criteria before they consider buying your old car), you can get your car resold to such agencies and companies.

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