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The Benefits of Charitable Organizations in American Society

For the past few decades, the place where you’ll hear the word “charity” all the time is in entertainment news. Actors, whether highly billed or not, often involve themselves with a charity. And while some of them are truly altruistic, you can easily find some of them being “charitable” for the sake of publicity and tax relief.

Because of that trend, the Charity Commission has been doing its best to educate people on how charity is actually useful in society. Despite the reason behind celebrities being involved in charity, what they contribute is still something beneficial to the general populace. So, how does society benefit from the different kinds of non profit groups and charities?

  1. It Maintains Equilibrium and Encourages Human Welfare.

First and foremost, the obvious benefit that nonprofit and charitable organizations provide to society, is the aid they provide to the unfortunate. Since human welfare is often resisted by the majority of non-beneficiaries, and the government (which is debated as the supposed main source of human welfare) is very limited in its resources to assist the unfortunate, non-profit organizations pick up the huge slack.

2. It Promotes the Satisfaction of Altruistic People.

Despite most people giving up and losing faith in humanity, there are still some individuals who are truly compassionate. True Samaritans still exist in society, and this is not only true in America. And thankfully, non-profit and charitable organizations give these especially good human beings a place in the world. These organizations give them the chance to express their inner good. It’s a place that their help will be met with little to no skepticism.

3. It Changes People.

Most of the time, people think that the recipients of charity are the only beneficiaries of non-profit organizations. But that attitude is short-sighted. Aside from providing assistance and allowing truly helpful people to help, non-profit organizations can change people and convert them to becoming better individuals. After all, not all people who join non-profit organizations are initially charitable.

Major Charitable Organizations in America

  • United Way Worldwide: It’s the United States’ largest donation receiver. It has more than a thousand local affiliates, which attempt to achieve multiple charitable goals. Most of its donations come from payroll deduction, and it has a total revenue of $3.87 billion. Its general category is domestic needs.
  • Task Force for Global Health: From its name alone, this is an organization that often aids the unfortunate through healthcare. It doesn’t only operate in the United States; it supports many people in different countries. Its general category is international needs.
  • Feeding America: You must be already familiar with this organization. Currently, it has more than 200 food rescue organizations and food banks nationwide. This organization is the United States’ biggest hunger-relief association. It’s categorized under domestic needs.
  • Salvation Army: Another popular charitable organization and church in America. It not only helps the unfortunate when it comes to domestic needs, but it also assist people outside the country.
  • Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA): Founded in 1844, this is one of America’s oldest charitable organizations. It’s also popular because of its multiple fitness facilities. It focuses on helping the youth.
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: It’s a research facility and pediatric treatment hospital. It primarily helps in alleviating catastrophic diseases on children. It was founded in 1962, and currently has more than 3,600 people under its employ.
  • Food for the Poor: This is another Christian organization that provides the needy with donated goods. Its operation is focused on the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America: The organization provides after-school care nationwide. Its primary goal is to give young people a place where they can grow and learn safely.

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