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The 5 Most Important SEO Factors to Consider in 2017

The 5 Most Important SEO Factors to Consider in 2017

fregrtgrtIn the current world, businesses and individuals are aiming at increasing their sales and revenues through online marketing. Therefore, no marketer out there can afford to ignore search engine optimization.

Unfortunately or fortunately for some, just like technology the criteria that search engines use in ranking changes continuously. As we continue through 2017, you might want to consider revising your marketing stints to ensure they conform to this top 5 most important SEO factors.

1. Content is King

We all know that content is the first thing that search engines consider. However, what not every marketer knows is that the meaning and definition of content when it comes to SEO ranking changes all the time. In the past, most of us have laid emphasis on the use of keywords on page title. While this may still be important, Google’s priority now is relevance.

The new meaning is changing albeit slowly from target keyword inclusion to being comprehensive. Your content is only completely comprehensive if it is in-depth enough to serve the user intent. That said top ranking SEO content in 2017 has been that which is wordy or lengthy.

2. Inward bound Links

Links and quality content have been said to be the most important factors in Google SEO ranking. When it comes to links in SEO, the number of the backlinks, link authority and diversity are the most important factors. Therefore, the more the backlinks your content has, authority and diversity, the higher Google search engines rank you in their web directories.

Backlinks have failed to make sense to most marketers. After all, the main reason for using is to generate traffic. Either way, Google search engines seem to lie on Darwinism, that is, survival for the fittest. To be the fittest, then you have to be able to generate as many backlinks for yourself to rank first. You generate inward bound links by checking on content as explained above and promote that content.

3. Keyword Optimization

Optimized keywords do not fall as number one in SEO ranking. That is not to mean keyword optimization is not important in ranking all the same. Google search uses keywords to determine the contents relevance in relation to individual search queries. Therefore, it is optimized keywords is a crucial factor to think of as you create the content. Include the keywords in page titles, text, Meta description and URLs. Google search engines are implementing a new algorithm. Make your content relevant through use of right keywords to the message along with right related keywords.

4. Loading Speed and Security

Fastness and security are among what users are looking for before opening sites. Though needless to say this, Google search is responding to this demand by ensuring that it ranks only after considering loading speed and security.

Making your page’s loading speed as fast as possible will work in your favour when it comes to SEO ranking. Every individual searching through the internet wants to move from one page to the other as first enough to determine which content serves their purpose.

Use of HTTPS is one way that Google search engines test a sites or its content’s security. Actually, recently Google Chrome has marked sites that have not switched to HTTPS as unsafe.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Google strives to make sure that its users have a wonderful experience. One of the ways it is doing this is ensuring that the users are able to get results when they perform search queries with their mobiles. Mobile phones are with us to make everything easy and this means even searching through the web. Therefore, you should make sure that your site and the content therein is accessible through any mobile device. Being available is one thing, but is the content accessed through the desktop identical to that retrieved via the mobile phones?

We have seen many organizations and sites try to switch to SEO. Somewhere along the way, they seem to fail, as their sites don’t generate the required traffic. Ensuring that you are keen on following the SEO factors, you will rank among the top.

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