Saturday , 21 September 2019
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That hour between day and night

During the day the city buses create traffic jams and threaten pedestrians. At night they light up like traveling meth labs- blue and purple. Like miller neon signs. They hum with possibility and raw fluorescent urban beauty. It is five o’clock and time to go home for the day. Were stalling, not because we have more work to do, but because were not ready to head back to the boredom of suburban life. She and I conclude we should go out for a drink. Day and night meet in the middle at a place called happy hour- where we sip girlie drinks with umbrellas and try to forget about our responsibilities for a few short hours. Everything is safer in the daylight. Its all appropriateness and business suits and PG behavior. Dusk has a seductiveness that broad daylight simply cant compete with. Night time is unapologetic. We have no choice but to live down to its expectations. This is what the night does to you.

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