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Text Link Selling: Think Like A Salesman Alright!

Not many vistas in blogging allow you to think like a salesman! If you are one, you should surely look at selling text links to webmasters and other businesses.

And by the way, selling text links through your blogs is a method by which you could display your prowess in sales.

A lot of people who are inclined to sales, and do not wish to do too much of a content writing work, look to selling text links through their blogs.

How do you go about selling text links?

• Obviously, the first thing you need to look at is the maintenance of your blog. You need to have some content in your blog and you also need to optimize it in order to get some sort of Google Page ranking. Before you write for the blog, keep in mind the kind of links you would want to sell. For example, if you wish to sell mortgage related links, write something about mortgage.
• Secondly, you should look at procuring links to your blog, which of course, you would be selling off eventually. The norm here is to accept or buy links that are ranked PR4 or higher. These are links that are in high demand by most webmasters. Unsurprisingly enough, you would find that these links are the ones that are paid for the highest.
• Once the first two points are met, you would find that all you have to do is get people to see your blog. If they find a link that can be of use to them, they will buy it.

How much money can you make off selling text links?

Assume your blog has 5 links, each of them being PR4 or above. Also assume you have 100 visitors to your optimized blog, of whom 50% of them are interested in buying all 5 links in your blog. You could sell the 5 links at a package price of about $5-$10. Even if 50% of the interested buyers buy the links from you, you gain $250 from the deal. Not bad at all!

Traffic – the only caveat to selling links effectively!

Without doing too much of work, you could make selling text links work for you. The only problem here is – The traffic to your blog will have to be continuous. Unless more and more people come to know of your blog, you may not see sustainability in your sales. And one thing is for sure – You cannot expect the same guy to buy the same links from you in a week’s time!

Building traffic to your blog is all about optimizing your content. It may not necessarily mean you have to write something new. Just change around some keywords and you would be fine. The most important factor perhaps is – How frequently do you update your links? Repeat visitors will appreciate the fact that your site has new links all the time when they visit the site.

Selling text links through your blog truly is an avenue not many people have explored to the optimum.

This indeed is an easy way of making through your blog provided you focus on some basics of selling skills. Coming to think of it, these basics would not be any different from what you had learned in your sales classes.

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