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Split-Testing Your Landing Page – Ensuring You have the Correct Approach

If you want your landing page conversion rate to climb you need to be able to understand what has been working for you and giving you the results you want. There are a lot of different reasons that you might not be getting the sorts of conversion rates that you have been expecting to receive from your landing page but if you look at it carefully and closely you'll see that every landing page is the same. You just need to split-test the various elements on your page to know what's helping you increase your conversion and what's causing it to decrease, and doing this is not rocket science. The purpose of this article is to offer you a clean and clear cut idea about what you can do to make sure that you get the best results possible from your landing page through your split-testing. Read More »

Discussion Boards Are One Of The Major Platforms That Generate Traffic To Your Site

Are you new to Internet marketing? Let me take you through with some of the useful channels, which can help you in your business. Discussion boards and forums are one of the major platforms used to generate and drive traffic to your website. This is free to use. Read More »

Targeted Traffic Equals More Sales and More Money

In case you are wondering, targeted traffic is a tactic used on the internet to bring more traffic to a Web site. It has been used and proven successful by many people and has therefore become the product of several Web sites that offer to increase your traffic for a nominal fee. If you would like to skip this fee, follow some of the below tactics for taking advantage of targeted traffic from home. Read More »

Using Free Traffic Suggestions To Improve Sales

By free traffic, we generally refer to the number of web visitors that access a certain web page without the website owner paying for them. Free traffic is the basic effect of good web page indexation, optimization and maintenance. If you have a high quality which targets a specific group of people, the popularity of your website will continue to grow every day, even more so if you have a unique product. How advantageous is free traffic? That is an entirely different question if we analyze the relevance of web surfers for a business. Read More »

Getting The Word Out, Utilizing No Cost Bum Marketing Methods

A low cost form of business promotion, free article marketing has proved very efficient for lots of businesses. It originated in printed press where it was a common practice for companies to publish materials related to their business in order to attract more customers. No commission was charged for the publication, and the company had the great advantage of free publicity as the client was referred to the business website or local address. Free article marketing has grown out of such practices that are still extensively used. Read More »