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Inside Part P Courses – The Facts

Due to the exciting choices available, the electrical industry offers jobs that many people choose. For simplicity's sake we will use the phrase Electrical Industry to cover off the more accurate term of "Electro-Mechanical Engineering". Also, due to a wide variety of qualifications and standards throughout the world, we'll focus on those that fit the UK domestic and commercial market. As this is such a wide ranging subject matter we'll begin by sticking to the main area first and come back to the 'add-ons' later. Read More »

Simplifying Plumbing Qualifications – The Best Routes

The salaries of Plumbers are often highlighted in the national press. Within the UK, the figures of 30-70k p.a. are typical of Plumbers, mainly down to their low numbers. The question now is - are we being lied to, or is this the truth? To be certain, for the correctly qualified and experienced plumber, this level of salary is achievable and indeed attainable. Salaries of 70-100k p.a. are achievable, but these appear to be the area of the self-employed Plumbers rather than those who take the more familiar working methods. Read More »

Insights On City and Guilds Electrical Courses

Lots of people choose a career within the electrical industry because it both appeals and motivates them. Within this document we will not use the full term of Electro-Mechanical Engineering but use the term Electrical Industry instead. As there are a wide variety of global standards, we will focus on those from the UK and in particular those relating to the domestic and commercial markets. As this is such a wide ranging subject matter we'll begin by sticking to the main area first and come back to the 'add-ons' later. Read More »

Networking CompTIA A Plus Training Uncovered

The CompTIA A+ course has four specialist sections - you need to pass exams in 2 different areas to reach the level of competent in A+. For this reason, most training providers simply provide 2 of the training options. We consider that this isn't enough - certainly you'll have the qualification, but knowing about the others will give you a distinct advantage in the workplace, where you'll need to know about all of them. So that's why you deserve training in all four areas. Read More »

Explaining Plumbing NVQ and Technical Certificates – Where To Go

The figures explaining how much Plumbers can earn is often talked about in the papers. The lack of Plumbers in the UK has led to salaries of 30-70k p.a. being exhibited. Is this really a fib - or is this in fact accurate? For the competent and correctly skilled person, this level of salary is realistic. In fact, earnings in excess of 70 - 100k p.a. are achievable - but that is solely for those who work within the self-employed market-place, rather than those who work within established employment routes. Read More »

Networking Training Courses UK Insights

In these days of super efficiency, support workers who have the ability to mend PC's and networks, plus give ongoing help to users, are vital in all sections of industry. Our requirement for more technically qualified people multiplies, as society becomes significantly more beholden to computers in today's environment. Read More »