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How Important is Monitoring Search Engine Rankings?

What is the public looking for? When Mr. or Ms average person around the world goes to their computer with a question or looking for a product, they aren’t thinking about the mechanics of the Internet. They only want an honest, reliable answer to their enquiry. It is a search engine which becomes the vehicle in which information is provided.   Why should search engines care? Search engine send feelers around the globe in milliseconds to retrieve and supply Internet goers with the information they seek. You as a Internet Marketer, must fill that need ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is the ranking of a website or web page in the search engine results, for a given keyword phrase Getting top search engine ranking requires that your site is designed well and is easily spiderable. Designing a search-engine-friendly web site isn‘t difficult; you just have to keep a few basic concepts in mind. Search engines like to spider and rank sites that appeal to users. This is the main challenge for search engine developers to create algorithms that will favor user-friendly web sites while casting aside sites that are created mainly for spiders. This means that the ... Read More »

The Internet Benefit Search Engine SEO Cat and Mouse

A constant cat-and-mouse game between the major Internet search engines and search engine optimization (SEO) companies has an interesting result: As these two groups try to psych each other out to beat the other’s system, search capabilities are constantly improving for the consumer of Internet services. Here’s what happens: Each search engine develops a formula for producing the most accurate, relevant results according to the Internet user’s keyword search, and then the SEO companies analyze the search engine’s function and develop a system of strategies to allow their customers to take advantage of that formula. Common strategies include providing enriched ... Read More »

Search Engine Optimization (seo) Guideline, a Guaranteed Blueprint

Suppose you have a website about plastic surgery. You have invested a lot of time putting valuable information, videos, pictures, forms to enlist subscribers, free reports and the rest of good stuff. To your misfortune, you decide one day to Google your website out so you sit in front your PC, open your browser, open up Google and type “plastic surgery” and hit the enter button. For the amount of work done which sure to be proud of you expect your website name and URL to be listed at least in the first 5 pages of the search results. To ... Read More »

Search Engine Marketing – Meta Tags

If you start to panic when you see “HTML” and think that using HTML Meta tags is something that will be too difficult for you, relax. Using these tags is a big part of search engine marketing and is very important when it comes to using search engine optimization to help your website get more traffic. These tags are words, usually the same keywords or key phrases that you are using throughout your website in an effort to use search engine marketing and search engine optimization to increase the number of people who find your website. The difference between ... Read More »

Seven Free Search Engine Resources You Should be Using as of Now

Ask any business person who’s website is at the top of t(e search engines if his/her site is making money, and the answer is almost always “yes”. An example is Glenn Canady, the authkr of “Gorilla Marketing” wh/ employed only one of these strategies, and it made hi- over $1 million Dollars. The fact is, seArch engines can get you an enormous amount of traffic, and it’s traffic to your 3ites that’s free. Howefer, in order to ethically and effectively market in the search engines, you need to use strategies that actually work. Below are three different ways to effectively, ... Read More »