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Top 10 Search Engine Marketing And Top Google Position Holygr Myths

You are about to discover the top ten search engine marketing (optimization) myths. Prepare yourself, as a lot of misconceptions around search engine optimization will be cleared. 1- Building a website means that people will find it. Search engines are just like phone book directories (but with a twist). For a mere $150 anyone can get a telephone biz listing in their area, but if you want to have a stand out high visibility ad such as “Marbury & Madison: Justice For All”, you need to put extra work on your site. Unlike phone directories where you simply ... Read More »

A Glossary Of Search Engine Optimisation Terms

The world of search engine optimisation is confusing for the lay reader at the best of times. With specialists bandying about terms that mean absolutely nothing to those without the knowledge, understanding of these terms is essential. Naturally the logical place to start any glossary is with an alphabetical methodology; the hope of this article is to help the lay reader gain an understanding of the search engine optimisation industry giving some idea of how it works, so starting at A: ALT Text/Attribute and Anchor Text. The search engine optimisation industry relies upon ALT text attached to an image ... Read More »

Search Engine Marketing and It’s Values

The U.K. search engine marketing statistics state that the predicted growth in search engine marketing spends this year shall rise by 58% this year to £2.22bn as compared with the figures in 2006. Similarly the U.S. search market is also estimated to rise steadily in all SEM services in a couple of years from now. The paid search is estimated to rise to 33.0 ($ Billions) in the year 2010, whereas, search marketing shall rise to 11.1 as given in a consolidated report compiled by econsultancy. Considering the fact that the concept of search engine marketing in India is ... Read More »

Strategies for Search Engine Optimization

A web site does not stop with ownership. Work has to be done such as getting it optimized for search engines. Your web site has to be made search engine friendly, that is to say, it must meet certain expectations of the “crawlers” or “spiders” of search engines. The index that these crawlers have created will be used in ascertaining the status of your web site in terms of relevancy to the requests of users. Good strategies for search engine optimization that should be fully implemented include the following: (1) Credible domain name Acquire a domain name ... Read More »

The Two Essential Techniques of Search Engine Marketing

There are two primary Search Engine Marketing techniques that are being widely used across the World Wide Web are the Search engine optimization and the search engine advertising methods. The SEO technique is the oldest and the most popular search engine marketing technique. Search engine optimization is dome to ensure that your website is properly optimized to be visible in the search engines. Search engine optimization works on keyword relevancy. By Keyword relevancy one does not mean that you need to stuff your website with the most relevant keywords. Instead it requires you to use those keywords in the form ... Read More »

SEO – What is Search Engine Optimization and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Search engine optimization also known as SEO, is a process of choosing appropriate and targeted keyword phrases that are related to your website, and ensuring that these keywords achieve high organic listings in search engines. When someone searches for keyword phrases that you have optimized, your website will appear on top. To rank high, it basically involves fine-tuning the content and architecture of your website, as well as appropriate link building campaign. This process is usually known as the optimization process. The major search engines with lots of traffic everyday are Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, AOL and Ask Jeeves. ... Read More »