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Web Design vs. Print Design: How To Find The Middle Ground

As you build your web page and have it tested on your browser, you somehow would like it to look exactly how you want it to. However, since your web design company requires you to test it in different browsers, you will see that they look different. As you move from one platform to the next, you will notice that there are slight but uncomfortable differences. This should be a good reminder that web design does not have the permanence and the efficiency of print tools is a necessity. On the other hand, as the web designer, your web design ... Read More »

Webwindows Guide To Print Media Advertising

According to recent studies conducted by companies such as Google and Deloitte, print advertising is the safest, surest and the most effective way of driving traffic to websites. Companies such as Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, had realized the power of print media in increasing web traffic more than ten years ago. The Webwindows page, which is completely dedicated to small and medium sized online companies to advertise their offerings, appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK. The Webwindows page is read by a dedicated group of consumers who browse through the classified advertisements to search ... Read More »

Advertising Now. Print

Product DescriptionIdeas that sell: today’s most effective and original ads… The world’s sharpest creative minds are in high demand in the advertising world, because making effective ads takes a whole lot more than just marketing know-how. A great ad grabs the viewer’s attention and gets the point across in an original, surprising, funny, touching, or even shocking way. Because ads reflect global and regional mentalities, studying them is interesting not only for their selling points but also for what they have to say about their clients and target audiences. This mega-roundup of the world’s best contemporary advertisements highlights the work ... Read More »