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Web Design Articles – Practical Web Designing Basics:

The following are the key aspects which would help you practically craft a web design that would deliver results in terms of your audience visibility     Part 1: The Unavoidables   Definition of a good Web site: A site that delivers quality and eshaustive information for its target audience and does so with elegance and style.   The rule of “Keep it Simple, Sober” is tried and tested, but it’s not a be-all end-all of Web design. Gamers, for example, expect a busy page with a lot of sophisticated graphics, flash effects, and the like. The usual understated page ... Read More »

Practical Alternatives For Commercial Finance Funding

When faced with business finance funding decisions, it is essential for business owners to determine their practical and effective alternatives. In the face of recent volatile conditions impacting financial markets, this will not be an easy task. For example, there has been much misinformation and confusion about the true availability of commercial financing throughout the United States. Getting more accurate information about what is realistically possible can be one of the most difficult challenges for commercial borrowers. Even for business owners who are satisfied with their current commercial finance funding arrangements, it is advisable to explore business financing options that ... Read More »

The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel

ISBN13: 9780060555665 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Product DescriptionMore than one million hardcovers soldNow available for the first time in paperback!The Classic Text Annotated to Update Graham’s Timeless Wisdom for Today’s Market ConditionsThe greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham’s philosophy of “value investing” — which shields investors from substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies — has made The Intelligent Investor the stock market bible ever since its original publication in 1949.Over the years, ... Read More »

Mobile Design and Development: Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps

ISBN13: 9780596155445 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Product DescriptionMobile devices outnumber desktop and laptop computers three to one worldwide, yet little information is available for designing and developing mobile applications. Mobile Design and Development fills that void with practical guidelines, standards, techniques, and best practices for building mobile products from start to finish. With this book, you’ll learn basic design and development principles for all mobile devices and platforms. You’ll also explore the more advanced capabilities of the mobile web, including markup, advanced styling techniques, ... Read More »