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How Possible Would It Be To Finance A Rather Cheap House?

Ok, this is starting to get rather confusing. I am looking to buy a home in a surprisingly cheap neighborhood. The house I am interested in purchasing is under $50,000. My credit qualifies me for a bad credit loan, but no one wants to finance for such a small amount. I am definately trying to live within my means and do not necessarily want to purchase a higher value home just because I can. Does anyone have any idea where I can finance such a house even though my credit is tarnished (but getting fixed due to multiple discrepencies)? I ... Read More »

Effective Advertising at the Lowest Possible Cost

One of the major and most successful forms of marketing is Advertisement. Therefore, choosing the right and most effective way of advertising is very important. For any form of advertisement there is a cost incurred. So, when you advertise your product or service you are restricted to your Advertising budget. Advertising costs are controllable expenses. Advertising budgets helps at determining and controlling the expense. A thorough research should be conducted before deciding the potential advertisement option suitable for your product or service to gain maximum satisfaction out of your Advertising budget. There are different types of advertising categories under ... Read More »

Is It Possible To Transfer Credit Card Balances To Others’ Credit Card Accounts?

Situation: Person A has multiple credit card balances on high interest credit cards and Person B has a credit card with a much lower interest rate. Due to a poor credit history, Person A can’t obtain a low interest credit card. They’ve agreed to transfer it to Person B’s low interest credit card and have Person A pay Person B the monthly payments to make it easier to pay down their high interest balances. Is this possible? Read More »