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3 Ways (part 2) to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Continuing on from Part 1, here’s Part 2 of ‘3 Ways To Improve Search Engine Rankings’. I follow a straightforward 3-Stage Approach to getting ranked high in the search engines. Here, in Part 2, is my second Stage… Stage 2. Get Your Website Seen: If you goal is to get high up the search engine rankings (and it should be!) then you need to get the search services to ‘see you’. This sounds an obvious statement but few people really think it through that much. In a nutshell, and avoiding all the techie jargon, search engines really want to find ... Read More »

Search Engine Optimization Demystified – Part 2

How do the search engines find web sites? Do they wait for you to submit your site? Not any more. Usually search engines index a site whether it is formally submitted or not. Search engines use automated software robots called crawlers or spiders that move through the world wide web following the hyperlinks, from page to page and site to site, recording what they find as they go. They do this continually, checking back with sites already listed to see if they still exist, to find new pages, and to check for new content. This means that if your web ... Read More »

A simple guide to search engine marketing (part one)

Search engine marketing is by far the most efficient and effective way to advertise your business. With over 86% of internet users using Google as their search engine, the need for your business to show on the first page of Google has never been greater. Many people are unaware of search engine marketing and just take for granted the results that appear when they search for something on a search engine such as Google. However, search engine marketing seems to defy to current doom and gloom of the recession. Think about this: “The average Britain spends 164 minutes online everyday, ... Read More »

Search Engine Optimization Demystified – Part 3

Search Engine Optimization Demystified Part 3 – Road Blocks to Search Engines In the first part of this series Search Engine Optimization Demystified – Part One, we examined the players in the search engine optimization game. Understanding the industry helps us to see through the hype and separate the actual workings of the search engines from the mythology popularized by those looking to make a quick buck off of SEO services. In the second part of the series Search Engine Optimization Demystified – Part Two, we looked at how the search engines see your web site. We went through ranking, indexing and ... Read More »

The Evolution of Online Advertising Technology – More Targeting, Less Privacy (part One)

In the beginning of targeted online advertising, there were banner ads. As many people recall, these were supposed to drive the Internet marketing industry in its infancy. Scads of publishers paid scads of money based on a CPI (cost per impression) model or simply paid huge dollars for banner ads and other targeted online advertising on well-trafficked sites Then something crazy happened – nothing. It turns out that the banner advertising technology on the Internet was not the magic bullet it was purported to be. The old way of making money based on providing content (the way magazines and newspapers ... Read More »

Taking the Right Action: Shortcuts to Online Business Success, Part I

If you are going to succeed in your online business, you must take action. Massive action. Consistent action. Action fueled by your burning desire. But, when you first start an online business, or if you have been struggling to earn money from home, you might sit in front of your computer, really wanting to take action, and having no idea what to do. Not because you don’t have any information on what to do. Much more likely, you have WAY too much information on what to do. Information overload is the number one reason people don’t take action. You are ... Read More »