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Less Adjustments with Option Strategies

When the volatility is going down and the stock markets are moving in an upward trend, you could say that this is the right time to use the condor strategy. The Condor is a negative Vega option spread, meaning that you can make more money by using the Condor when the volatility is moving downward. Read More »

Lasik Financing-understand your Options so you Can Get Lasik Surgery

Lasik is an innovative laser eye surgery to help reduce or eliminate dependence on corrective eyewear. The procedure is designed to help patients suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. If you suffer from any of these conditions and meet the screening requirements of your surgeon, Lasik may be your answer to better vision. Because Lasik is considered an elective procedure, many insurance policies don’t help cover the cost of Lasik. The procedure ranges from $499 to $2,500 per eye, depending on the procedure, your overall health and the condition of your eyes. The popularity and success of laser eye ... Read More »

Buyer Beware When it Comes to Financing Options

When it comes to securing financing for a small business, it may seem like there are many options out there, until you examine them closely. Many small financing opportunities are a great deal for the lender, but not for the small business. There are various programs that may appear to offer financing, but there are strings attached that make these programs a bad choice. One method used is to offer small business financing that involves credit cards and limits. The lender offers your small business a credit card with a specific credit limit that can be used to make purchases. ... Read More »

A Guide to Bad Credit Finance Options

You shouldn’t worry too much about bad credit finance options, because there are several financing options available regardless of your credit history… some of them charge higher interest rates or require some additional security, but in the end may be just what you’re looking for. Vehicle financing If you’re looking for a bad credit finance for a new or used vehicle, your best option is most likely going to be to visit a finance company as opposed to a traditional bank. Some finance companies are more likely to offer bad credit finance options for vehicles than others, ... Read More »

Financing Options for Import Companies

Whether you are starting an import business or have an established importing business, it can be a very profitable venture if you have the right financing to grow your business. Imports are defined as: a good that crosses into a country, across its border, for commercial purposes; a product, which might be a service that is provided to domestic residents by a foreign producer; or a combination of the two. Starting or running an import business has never been more profitable because of computers, the internet, and the availability of low cost imports from countries such as China and ... Read More »