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How to Choose a Web Host? List of Important Features

There are thousands of webhosting companies in the industry screening for business. To ensure one makes best of ones decision possible consider the points mentioned here. 1. Server Space First think to consider is the amount of space ones site will acquire on a server. Files might require just 1 and 5 megabyte of disk space unless one is planning to run a software repository or an image gallery. Just to out perform their competitors many companies offer several hundreds of megabytes of webspace for a very rational price. Before taking that much space one should question oneself ... Read More »

List of Top 10 Web Hosting Mistakes With Their Solutions

One should consider the given below web hosting mistakes and should restrict them from having a seriously negative impact on his/her website. Mistakes and solutions: 1. Contact Information One should make sure that his/her web host has contact information available to user 24 hours / day and 7 days / week. This facility provided to the user should be in the form of phone numbers plus e-mail addresses that correspond to the web host domain name. The user should make sure that he/she is dealing with a real company that not only concern about there own business ... Read More »