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Secret Societies & Conspiracies Part 14: James Scott and PCS

Secret societies are like Russian dolls; within each body there is another and another. The smaller the clique, the more power hungry the members and when the group begins to work in unison it takes on a different shape and membership is closed. When synergies are properly aligned and a diversified base camp of influence is settled the agenda begins. These micro groups unify with others and smaller agendas are then plugged into larger ones and those groups that are in senior positions take over the master plan and the subsidiary groups become a subservient part of the whole. This is exactly how it works. Those that have the truest power positions are men that you have never heard of that have been bread and groomed all their lives for positions of obscene power without the emotional need for fame. Read More »

Economic Power Brokers – Power Broker Consultants – Political Power Broker

The truth is, if you're an Ivy League MBA student chances are, you're going to be a great employee in a strategies firm that focuses on regional economic turnaround or international expansion processes but you're dreaming if you think you'll spearhead a campaign or sit at the negotiation table and lead. It's simple; you just won't have the skills. Read More »

Take My Company Public With Attitude and Reverse Mergers – Belvedere Global Strategies Corporation

I've been involved with more mergers and acquisitions and IPOs than I can even count. I've been called many names when I'm getting involved with corporate turnaround consulting but the most common of these terms are: arrogant, cocky and hardheaded. I take these names as a feather in the cap and a notch on the belt because the worst thing that can happen is that a company or board of directors hires a wimp or pushover. Having swagger when walking into a negotiation session or presentation makes all the difference. Refuse to lose and have the contacts to back up your moves. Read More »

In the strategies of war, how does a new regional military power or upstart guerrilla troop solidify their position? They identify their adversaries and eliminated them. How is business any different? The truth is the strategies are identical while the actual elimination process differs. War is fought with bombs and guns, economics is fought by crushing an idea or believe system that perpetuates the money machine behind a company, take away the public believe system based on the concept put out by a company and you've eliminated their ability to survive. Read More »

Taking Company Public: What The Government Giveth It Will Surely Taketh Away

As the unfortunate recipients of a bastardized economy whose immediate future is as grim as the past two years there is a massive economic shift. Banks are crumbling towers of cards and executives in charge of this so called 'rebound' effort are about as qualified as a blind, deaf, mute, quadriplegic trying to win the iron man. In short, at this rate we're in big trouble. Read More »

Taking A Company Public: Which Is Best? Reverse Merger or S1 Registration?

The dream of taking one's company public is all too often unrealized when a shell merger or reverse merger concept is used. I say concept because this describes a general tactic as opposed to a strategy personified by a direct registration or S1 filing. Shortcuts have no place in a public offering as it lacks the results sought by entrepreneurs and demanded by investors and shareholders. Shells for mergers are typically dogs infested with microscopic flees, the struggle for volume and investor retention is constant and you'll never have the full legitimacy of an S1 as the previous owners organizational baggage will constantly hinder your development as a public entity as the weight of skeletons in the closet will always outweigh your efforts, thus eliminating the results of IR and other promotional tactics for stock traction in the marketplace. Going public doesn't have to be painful, all you need is a game plan and experienced agents working on your behalf. If you're broke get a loan, don't attempt a public offering. If your company has a proven concept and solid net revenues then going public may be just the fund-raising tool you've been looking for. Read More »