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Take Your Company Public With A DPO (Direct Public Offering)

Take Your Company Public With A DPO (Direct Public Offering) If you are considering going public you are coming from one of two positions: you are either coming from a position of liquidity where you have the capital to spend $200k to go public on the OTCBB or you are coming from a position of weakness and you don't have liquidity. Read More »

Where Are The Best Investor Finders?

Where Are All The Good Investor Finder Services? Companies raising capital whether trying to get a loan, raise equity capital with a private placement memorandum or go public on the Pink Sheets, OTCBB or any other platform has no doubt been told to find a good investor finder. Sure there are multitudes of membership databases like 'Angel Funding Project', one of the industry's largest and many others but where are the 'investor finders' that everyone's CPA and CFO are talking about? Read More »

Take Your Business Public: Here Is The Process

Becoming a publicly traded company is an exciting and rewarding experience. The following sets forth the method, steps, fees and estimated timetable to go public on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) 'from scratch', or through a self-filing and discusses the 1934 Exchange Act responsibilities after a company's registration statement has gone effective (after the company has become publicly traded): Read More »

Taking A Foreign Company Public: A Must Read!

Many companies have a unique service or product but either lacks the capital or know-how to go public. Going public slams open the doors to massive global capital possibilities and massive partnering and strategic growth capabilities. A financially broke company should never try to go public to raise money to stay afloat as you'll only attract the fee based predatory consultants who make their money on individual fee oriented services without the ability to bring it all together in a turn-key solution so in the end there is no accountability. Read More »

What Is A Direct Public Offering (DPO)?

A direct public offering is when a company raises capital by selling its shares directly to what is referred to as affinity groups, unlike an IPO which are sold by a broker dealer to its customers and the general public through other broker dealers who have customers interested in buying shares in the company. Read More »