Friday , 23 August 2019
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The Unbreakable Laws Of Corporate Power

Corporate strategies' consulting is, in its truest essence, a dirty business. Few understand this tiny, yet elite genre of consulting and even fewer are masters of its concepts. The same principles applied by this select faction of specialist should be applied by CEO's and company executives in all industries. Read More »

Do You think You’re Ready To Raise Capital for Your Business? Most Likely . . . You’re Not!

Whether you're trying to raise debt or equity capital there are still certain unwritten rules that apply that cater to the mentality of today's investor and funding community. Certainly there are scores of private placement memorandum and business plan chop shops that wouldn't know how to properly consult with your company or write a fundable document even if they wanted to but they will gladly take your money to throw together a template and try to pass it off as custom work. Read More »

Private Placement Memorandum: How to Get the Investors You Want, Easily!

Entrepreneurs are being turned onto Regulation D in droves. Regulation D Rule 504, 505 and 506 allow companies a more lenient fund raising process than those who choose to go public by other means. In the past year I've seen more PPM consultants pop up on the internet than ever before and I have to admit I'm concerned. As a veteran in this field I've seen it all, now we have a legion of self proclaimed Reg. D gurus who buy templates, add some text and tell their clients that they are delivering a customized offering memorandum; here's where things go bad and a difficult situation gets even worse. You have this worthless document, now what? Read More »