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Private Placement Memorandum: How to Get the Investors You Want, Easily!

Entrepreneurs are being turned onto Regulation D in droves. Regulation D Rule 504, 505 and 506 allow companies a more lenient fund raising process than those who choose to go public by other means. In the past year I've seen more PPM consultants pop up on the internet than ever before and I have to admit I'm concerned. As a veteran in this field I've seen it all, now we have a legion of self proclaimed Reg. D gurus who buy templates, add some text and tell their clients that they are delivering a customized offering memorandum; here's where things go bad and a difficult situation gets even worse. You have this worthless document, now what? Read More »

Dye Sublimation Printer Allows Photo Lab Quality Printing

With many digital cameras now, taking photos is now as very fun and easy. But printing really stunning photos are not as easy or fun. Almost all of us would just turn to the photo labs to have our pictures developed. Sure, you could print your pictures from an inkjet printer, but the quality of the photo is sometimes compromised due to the limitations of inkjet printers. A dye sublimation printer can churn out pictures that are as good as the film-based photos that we were once so accustomed to. Read More »

What is an Attorney Video?

Attorney video is a very handy and multitasking tool for any solicitor's law firm. The video can supply the solicitor with many different avenues of communication like : one ) net and other media selling strategies. 2 ) Education of clients, other lawyers, and law scholars. Three ) In court cases as proof for or against the defendant or to prove a point of law. 4 ) training for up and coming trials or trial preparation, developing a court presence, and developing communication talents. Five ) Reviewing previous court cases 6 ) Can introduce the attorney and his law firm to potential and existing clients. Clients can see the lawyer who will be handling their case and get a feel for the kind of representation they're going to receive. 7 ) The video permits the solicitor to focus a particular legal subject or area of law, and showcase the lawyer's expertise. Read More »

The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgeon SEO

Do you like the way your nose or ears look? You don't? Well, consider yourself lucky because if you lived back in the 1950's you would be out of luck and would need to live with your defects. Even if they had the technology back then, the quantity of money you would have to pay to bear the process would cost a fortune. As a result, you and your nose would be the subject of dialogue all around town, and good luck getting any hot dates! The facility to change one's appearance was not common in those days. But you are lucky to be living today because technology has evolved so much that virtually anything re physical look can be transformed. Altering your nose these days has become as common as changing your dress or pants. Read More »